I dated a compulsive liar.

I ruined my entire life for a guy who wasn't worth it one bit. and I think i knew that from the minute it began.

Mk, so I'm 14. I know it sounds young, but in this town, you grow up fast. I ruined my entire life for a guy who wasn't worth it one bit. and I think i knew that from the minute it began.
I had two best friends this year, Tiffany and Ashley. Ashley had been dating this guy Leo since November and they were totally obsessed with eachother. Tiffany had dated a guy Andrew from last June till this March. Everyone knows Tiffany isn't exactly faithful, she cheated on him 6 times. he knew, but didn't care. She also dates alot of different people. Andrew was her first long relationship. Well after Andrew, she dated a guy named Pete, Andrew's ex best friend. I know this sounds like alot of teenage drama, but it gets pretty good.
After Pete, this guy Andy told her he liked her. He had dated our friend Mel, whose quite a bit crazy sometimes, in January, and was then dating a girl named Dani. Mel had gotten the entire town to hate Dani and go after her, Mel even went after her with a gun on a few occasions. well, in May, Andy dumped Dani and started dating Tiffany. Tiffany knew this would not blow over well with Mel, and of course it didn't.
Mel started a group called hoe-hunters, of people who wanted to beat the crap out of Tiffany.
I got involved because I didn't exactly want Tiffany to die. within a few weeks though, Andy got Mel to befriend Tiffany again.
At this point, it was common knowledge that Andy was player and a liar. A bad one. about EVERYTHING.
so around early June, Tiffany and Andy broke up. he thought she was a drama queen, but she still adored him.
This whole time, I was in love with someone, who didn't love me back. he loved another girl for over a year. it had begun in March, and I couldn't let go of him, name unmentioned.
well, around mid June, my friend Jill told me she suspected Andy liked me. I told her not to think about it or mention it to Tiffany. I didn't want to believe it. Then she had the nerve to ask him, and he said he did. now apart from his lying and player-ness, he seemed a pretty good guy, and he was good looking.
so after Jill asked him, I asked him. He said he did. This really got me interested, and this is where I made the first mistake. I agreed to hang out with him that weekend, fully knowing Tiffany wasn't over him. But I do know Tiffany, and I know she was interested in other people and would be over Andy pretty soon. nonetheless, I did know.
So without telling anyone, I hung out with him, my friend Casey, and her boy friend in the rope swing in the local woods. me and Andy ended up kissing and hooking up. in the woods.
then we went back to my house and sat in my front lawn. no one was home, so we were just sitting there, making out on my front lawn.
and of all people, Tiffany's other best friend Kim, who lives up the road, was biking by. Kim was with Dani's best friend. they were like, uh.... and me and Andy stopped and were just like hi. and they left.
That night, Tiffany called me. she was about an hour away, with family. she screamed at me and asked if anything happened. I told her nothing happened. she was mad, but not as mad as she should have been. I know I lied, but I planned on telling her another time, when she didn't care as much about him, maybe in 6 months to a year.
well I made the mistake of telling a few other friends.
The next day, Tiffany was over it, but things weren't the same. She had a new boyfriend.
that next weekend, we had a dance recital together. She slept over that friday night. I decided to tell her that we only pecked on the lips. she was upset, and we didn't talk the rest of the night.
The next day was a 12 hour rehearsal. we fought the whole time, and someone ended up telling her what happened with Andy, fully.
she was mad, and I was too.
We stopped talking, pretty much.
not an official fight, we just... ended.
and it was hard, because she was the closest friend I ever had.
Around April and May of that year, I had started hanging out with Ashley alot more because she and Leo had started having problems. Ashley was very needy, and she had always been with him before that and our friendship halted. but then in april it came back.
Well, after me hooking up with Andy, everyone stopped talking to me.
I remember the morning we hung out, I was thinking, this is it. I can either let things happen or keep my friendship.
and I ruined it.
I knew after I hooked up with him, within minutes, that it wasn't worth it.
Well, very soon after me and Tiffany's fight, me and Andy were talking alot, so was he and Ashley. I planned on leading Andy on all summer, as to teach him a lesson. I was bitter because everyone hated me now, all my old friends except Ashley. she was the only one who stood by.
the guy i had been in love with even started hating me. Everyone knew I was hurting Tiffany and Mel and making a huge mistake.
it was my own fault, and I hated myself.
well, Ashley began to like Andy. her and leo had broken up in late May.
which is really where things got bad.
I figured, oh, you know, I'll drop Andy and I'll tell Ash not to date him, and she'll listen.
I knew I shouldn't date Andy, and that I didn't really like him that much. He lied about everything. EVERYTHING. what he was doing at that moment. what he had done with other girls. what his childhood was like. EVERYTHING.
I then realized, why the hell would Ashley listen to me? She likes him alot, and if I don't date him she will and she'll get hurt as badly as she did with Leo, which was badly.
I knew she'd make a mistake... and I couldn't let her get hurt, she had been there for me. I knew it would hurt her, but I knew I had to date him. I figured, who knows, maybe we'll have something.

Well, I really wanted Tiffany's friendship back. but she wouldn't and couldn't forgive me. Me and Andy officially started dating July 4th, but we were together about 2 weeks before that.
I spent days sobbing at home, I wouldn't see anyone. Not Ashley, not Andy. I fell apart about 5 times a day, at least. for a good 3 weeks. Finally, I agreed to go to the movies with Andy and Ashley, only if Andy promised to keep his hands off of me.

It didn't work.
Ashley didn't sit with us and he was on top of me.
I tried to fight him but I couldn't. worthless.
so I was pretty violated, Ashley was hurt, and Andy was satisfied. I did care about him, I loved him... but I wasn't in love with him. I couldn't let myself.
Andy was kind of decent underneath... or maybe it just seemed that way.
He always sang The Reason by Hoobastank to me, saying I was his reason.
but was it worth it ? never.
Tiffany and Mel spent days screaming at me and telling me these horrible things about me.
it was horrible.
then, Tiffany did something unthinkable...
she hooked up with and did alot of sexual things with the guy I was in love with.
AND SHE HAD A BOYFRIEND. a friend of mine from another town who I respected.
That killed me the most.
I think that's when I changed. because I'm different now.
and Tiffany began to talk to me, telling me stupid things.
but I couldn't forgive her now. I saw her crime as more unforgivable than mine, especially since, to this day, she has never apologized.
Well, me and Andy were still together... Ashley was hurt... I was hurt... Tiffany was bitter....
and Andy decided to send dirty, nasty pictures to 11 girls.
and he thought it was okay.
I was so badly killed.
the boy I had been in love with had pretty much stopped talking to me. I had almost dated him, but hadn't.
he told me I needed to break up with Andy.
and I knew I did. It was over.
and so I did.
It was August by this point.
Tiffany and I are friends now.... its not quite the same, but I hope it will be.
from time to time, andy tells me he's in love with me.... I know he's not. he is trying to ruin my friendship with Ashley.
I have few friends now.
because I did something stupid. that hurt everyone in the end.
at least I accomplished my original goal. Ashley wasn't fucked over by Andy.
btw, the picture is of Tiffanyf&Andy.


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