"Lips of an Angel"

I loved this boy, even before we started dating.

We were friends at first. He had his girl at the time. We started to get close, and he told me the "Lips of an Angel" song, was our song.
[I can make a mixed tape of every song he said is "our song"]
He started to have problems with his girlfriend. Finally, they were over. We grew so much closer.
For his birthday we went to see his favorite band, and he ended up asking me out that night.
A dream come true, I swear.
I loved this boy, even before we started dating. We had an amazing time together, then it happened. Someone texted me, telling me they overheard he had sex with his ex. I confronted him, he denied it.. But broke up with me still. HE ignored me after that, wouldn't answer my calls or text. Next thing I knew, him and his ex were dating again.

I was broken. I put everything I had into our relationship. I tried, and tried to make it perfect. And it was never enough of him. I loved him, and I still love him.


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