One Night- The Conclusion of an Abusive Relationship

A blast from my window and glass on my bed,
was what forced me to do what I had started to dread.

“One last time and I’ll leave you alone forever,”
were the words that started this crazy endeavor.

“I just want to talk to you, like two grown adults”
I believed him, not thinking of the possible results

His car was parked just a few blocks away
Just a few minutes and I could go on my way.

I pulled next to his car and the air filled with tension,
There was something horrible about to be mentioned.

“I want to show you what you’ve done to me.
This is all your fault, why can’t you see?”

He pressed the shiny gun tight on his temple
A deranged look in his eye, he made it look so simple

With a twitch of his hand, his finger moved to the trigger
I could not imagine my worries getting bigger.

"Please don’t do this", with a stammer, I said
As I contemplated the right thing to do in my head.

I promised him the world and all that remains
so by the end of the night I wouldn’t be covered in brains.

He lowered the gun as false hope entered his head
I told him to calm down and talk to me instead.

I spoke the wrong words, his gun moved to his lips
I really did it this time, I knew this was it.

I knew what he wanted so I controlled the conversation
Told him what he needed to hear, even fake admiration.

After hours of pleading in a frantic trance
Even if just for a night, he decided to give life another chance.


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