I understood he wasn't worth it.

I did lots of crazy things for him.

I loved him. I was a virgin when I meet him, I gave him everything. I did lots of crazy things for him. He was older than me by 5 years. I was just 14. We went out for one year and four months. Than he cheated with some bitches from the corner, you know what kind of girls I'm talking about,in other words, he didid't valued me.
But I forgaved him. Because I loved him. 2 weeks later he did it again. I broke up with him. One month passed by and he came to look for me, and told me he had change to forgave him. He even told me he would get on his knees.This time I didn't take him back. He had made me cried alot already. That day was the firts day I saw him cry.
Now I am dating his cousin, and no this is not a revange, we really love each other.
Ultil this day I still don't know why he chated on me.
I gave him everythig I did everything he use to tell me to do, and to say the truth i ain't ugly. So i don't know the reason of his unfaithful to me.
I am 5'7ft. tall
Latina chick.
long black hair.
body type average.
dark brown eyes.
sweet girl
I do not place a pic of my self because of strong reasons.


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