baby boy

When I saw him everything blurred but he stayed in sharp focus.

It's difficult to know where to start. I met Michael a little over 3 years ago and knew at once that he was absolutely the person for me. When I saw him everything blurred but he stayed in sharp focus. I fell in love then and there and have yet to stop. For a while things were perfect, like a faerie tale, but he got bored. I could see it and all I could think to do was to hold on tighter. From then on, our relationship was a roller coaster. He knew me so well that it wasn't a problem to make me feel like shit at any possible moment, then pull me back up with the exact right words. I wanted to let go of him but couldn't. Then one day he made me. We stopped dating but not really. He fooled around, but I couldn't do the same. It worked for a while, the friendship, but we both knew we couldn't stop each other. We've been having sex since. He still doesn't want more, and I do. I feel like I'm doomed to live this life of unrequited love and pain just for the moments I can be with him.

So that's my story of my ex. I guess he's not even really my ex. All I know is that when I look at him, I can't see anything else. He's got this tight grip on my heart and refuses to let go.

I wish he would. Let go.


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