I really need a hug. Just not from him.

Mine didn't love me as much as I loved him. I knew better than to stay. I did anyway. I was threatened, punished, and all in the name of love that was a frail and dying as a wax depleted candle.
I finally gave up. I gave up on us, and worst of all on myself.
Then he wants me back? Why? He's told me to my face that he does not love or trust or respect me, that I am unattractive, and that I barely qualify as a girl.
I am still trying not to give in.
I want escape from his false tears and pretend heartbreak. I was more heartbroken being with him that without. I think it's better this way. I just need a friend now so I am not so utterly alone. I think my family is sick of me. And all my current friends will soon get that way. I will bide as much time alone as possible until I can't hold out anymore. Only when my dam bursts will I go out of doors and look for my friends.
My ex is acting like he didn't dump me 5 times last week. Trying to entice me into bed.
I really need a hug. Just not from him.


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