All my Exes Live in Texas.

ended up drunkedly walking (barefoot) down the street and it caused a fight with me and my best friend who had to come and retrieve me from a long dangerous road at 2 oclock in the morning.

I have had so many exes, Its hard sometimes to keep track of at what time period I dated one or the other. You see, I am still quite young, 21 to be exact. And I already am married with two kids. I think I needed to get all that dating out of the way so I could meet my fabulous husband at a young age and spend as much life together as possible.
But on the topic of exes and not my fabulous husband, I must say that I have dated them all. But of my exes, the most recent was by far the craziest. I suppose it should have tipped me off when 2 months into us dating he asked me how much his roommates were paying me to date him. Seriously. Not a joke. He actually asked me. But me being in the new relationship bliss that I am quite often in looked past that tiny (GIANT) quirk and moved on.
My relationship with John* (creative right?) lated almost 2 years and was probably the most emotional abusive relationship I had ever seen. We were constantly breaking up , and it was always my fault. And often it was these crazy suspicions he had cooked up in his head. He actually made me stop hanging out with a very good friend (who after actually forgave me thank god) because he thought that I was sleeping with her. Yes thats right i said HER. But being the girl that I was, obsessed with being in love I suppose, I always took him back.
At my best friends birthday party we all got pretty drunk and he suddenly snapped. Like usual something I had done turned him from a guy having fun to a raging maniac who swore I had done something wrong. And again, the part of me I like to think was just naive and not so much just completely idiotically STUPID, begged him to just please please tell me what I had done so I could apologize. To this day I dont know what I did because his only answer was always, "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!" I ended up drunkedly walking (barefoot) down the street and it caused a fight with me and my best friend who had to come and retrieve me from a long dangerous road at 2 oclock in the morning.
Things of this sort often happened. We would be out having a good time with friends and he would suddenly turn terribly paranoid that I was doing something terrible to him behind his back. Or that his friends were doing something sheisty to him.
But alas, I stayed with him still. Needless to say my family absolutely HATED him. They constantly told me that he wasnt good enough and he was a loser. (I dont know if I mentioned that I was 17 and he was 22 when we dated). He had no job, no money, he lived at home with his mom and uncle and I paid for everything and STILL I wouldnt break up with him.
Now as stupid as this may sound, my family and friends telling me how bad he was for me didnt make me break up with him. Nor did the fact that he cheated on me when I was away in Basic Training for the Army. (2 weeks after I left so its not like he waited a very long time). It was actually random people I was in Military Job-Training with. One of which consistenly told me, "Why do you put up with that crap, If you were my girl I would treat you like a Queen"
When he told me this I didnt swoon, and immediately fall into love with him. Nor did I magically find he right answer to the question of my loser, moocher, quite obviously mentally-ill boyfriend.
But a few weeks later, during a phone conversation with my best friend. I got the scoop on yet ANOTHER crazy thing he decided to do. That had gotten my friend into trouble. (It wasnt just me he was crazy and paranoid with, he often lost friends that way too), and it was that, that pushed me over the edge. How much crazy can one person take?
So I broke up with him. And have pretty much been rid of him altogether. With the exception of perhaps 3 or 4 phone conversations over the past 4 years.

Oh, and by the way, the guy who told me hed treat me like a Queen. He has, for the last 3 years.


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