what goes around comes around

he was my first everything,and i loved him but i hated being his mother, maturing while he did not, we were moving at different levels, and sometimes i was ashamed of him. I met my current boyfriend while we were together and i did not want to cheat on him so i broke up with him and immediately hooked up with my current boyfriend. I kept going back to my ex though, i didn't want to be his girl but i didn't want to let him go, and when i felt no lust for him i still wanted to be his number one friend. I went to him with my boyfriend problems knowing that it might hurt him, but i couldn't help myself because in a way he hurt me to by not helping make things work, as unreasonable as it may sound. He dubbed me "la diabla" because i wasn't easy to deal with, i must admit, and ironically my current boyfriend calls me the devil too. Right now karma is hot on my heels, because i feel with my boyfriend everything i think i made my ex feel and go through, i don't even feel very loved at all, but I'm hopelessly devoted to him. Worst of all my ex the person i turn to when I'm feeling down, has gone AWOL. =/


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