When we first met, I was young (13? 14 maybe?) and niave. He was cute and just dangerous enough to make him go from an almost effeminate beautiful to downright sexy. 3 Months later I found out he was more than just a little dangerous. He had contacts that could get him any info he wanted. He now knew where I lived, my home and cell phone numbers, and a picture of me. 3 months later, he was threatening my boyfriends. A year after that he threw knives at my feet. That same day I slapped him and he threatened to hurt me if I ever did it again. He then attempted to throw me into his car and drive off. A year after THAT, I bought pepper spray, and a knife. I know sleep with a baseball bat under my bead, a knife under my pillow, my windows locked, and my door closed. I'm that terrified of him. And I still can't help but think he's gorgeous.


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