Angels named Princess

Of course she was pretty, but I fell in love with her because she moved like an angel. To be honest she must have been. There is no other explanation or theory as to how she moved in such a manner. I would purposely hide things from her in order to watch her move. When she would catch on that I hid what she was looking for she would smile, but never say much. However, I was not warned that if you continue to tease an angel they will eventually take your heart. It happened one night when we were having dinner at her apartment. I hid her bottle of water while she went to get something from the refrigerator. When she came back she did not notice that it was gone until she wanted some water. The great thing was she did not realize that I took the bottle. She began looking for it. She turned towards the refrigerator, looked at the table again, looked at me, leaned slightly forward, peered under the table and looked back at me. When she looked at me it was as if she knew that she could have my heart at any time as if that were part of some sort of agreement that was made between us. The, “You may adore me but it will cost you your heart”. “I will not tell you when or how, but I will take it” agreement. At that moment my heart no longer belonged to me. That was the moment she decided to take my heart. It is difficult to describe how she looked as she was taking it, but I do remember a slightly mischievous smile on her face. It was a slightly more mischievous smile than previous instances where I would hide things from her. It was the type of smile that….to be honest it cannot be explained, besides time stopped at that moment and I was too occupied looking at my heart crawl from my chest and into her hands. I was in love once before, but that person did not take my heart. I choose to give it to her. Having your heart taken is a different sort of love in that it causes more fear. Naturally, choosing to give your heart to someone is also a scary thing as you do not know if they will accept it, and if they do, eventually break it. However, giving your heart to someone was your choice. The main difference between giving your heart to someone and having it taken away is when given to someone you can always take it back and simply move on. It was how I experienced my first love. However, when it is taken you cannot get it or take it back. Apparently this is some sort of unwritten rule of love that is not spoken of when adoring an angel. The actual agreement is between that particular angel and your heart. At which point your heart is instructed that it will eventually belong to the angel. If the angel decides not to keep your heart it is not to be returned to you. If the angel decides never to take your heart you must long without reason to give it to her. I know this now as the heart that was taken from me was soon discarded by that angel. I can only describe the whole thing as heavens version of selling your soul to the devil. Heaven does give you a break and at least gives you an opportunity to find your heart again. However they offer no clues on where to look. Also there is no guarantee that it will be in one piece, needless to say. So on top of finding it I also have to fix it. The one thing I do know is that it is in Queens somewhere around the Jackson Heights area. It is where that particular angel lives. If anyone finds a discarded heart there please feel free to contact me. Yes, the angels name is Princess.


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