Love and friendship lost.

I lost my chance

When i first met him I hated him; He loved me.
When he went out with my best friend he became a better friend than her.
As their relationship slowly died, we flirted; to the extreme.
When he dumped her he loved me again; I just wanted friendship.
He went away for a month; I fell in love with him.
He came back and didn't love me anymore.
The other day i told his ex that he felt me up while they were going out; She hates me.
He found out that i told her; things will never be the same.

I love him. With all my heart. I wish i had never taken advantage of how much he used to love me.
It kills me to see him flirting with all those girls; knowing i lost my chance.
He was the only guy who has ever loved me
i broke his heart
now every time i see him; he breaks mine.
I hate karma.


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