Our First Kiss

December 31, 11:00pm. I knew he was going to kiss me tonight when it was twelve and my stomach did a little flip flop. I looked over at him and smiled shyly..he smiled back, he knew what i was thinking about. My first real kiss ever and I was counting down the minutes until it would happen. Time was moving so slowly, I wanted to just reach over and kiss him so many times to get it over with but I was way too nervous.

It was almost time. I was on the verge of crying, laughing, vomiting, everything! The countdown started.. 10 we looked over at each other...9 I could see the excitement building up in him...8 his eyes were sparkling I swear...7 My stomach was filled to the top with butterflies...6 I scanned the room for the nearest bathroom...5 he stepped a little closer...4 and closer...3 he was right in front of me...2 he looked me right in the eyes...1 He kissed me...ahhhh

I immediately ran! I know, not what people were expecting...I was so happy and scared and I wanted to jump up and down and yell at the top of my lungs..HE KISSED ME!!! I ran to the front door and he followed...confused I can imagine. He held me as we watched the fireworks.

Later that night he was dropping me off at home, His dad was driving and he got out of the van after me. I turned and hugged him then began to walk away...feeling like a complete moron. He said "what you're not going to kiss me goodbye?" A huge smile crept across my face as i turned and went into his arms...and he kissed me again. I floated into my house and headed for bed to dream of him and my first kiss.


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