Love Me Not

...ex is just a nice word for PRICK.

Started dating in High School. One month and he was hooked. He chased me for two years before I finally agreed to be with him forever. Too young, but married him anyway. Thought love would get us through it all. Now I know that "ex" is just a nice word for PRICK.

Two years of marriage, problems start having an impact. It's discussed, but he's only willing to go to ONE marriage counseling session. What good does that do? Separate, but get back together saying we'll work on things. Another six months go by, we move to "be closer to family". Within a month, I leave him to work things out in my head. For five months we go back and forth...divorce or try to work things out? Finally it's decided that divorce is best...he moves in with his girlfriend who has a child (congratulations, insta-daddy!) within a month. File divorce papers. He's taking responsibility for the only join property we have: the car. Time for divorce to be finalized and suddenly he's having trouble making car payments. Stall the divorce until we can figure something out...he makes 10x what I make and if he can't afford it, how can I? He doesn't even pay rent...just car, insurance, cell phone, and school...but he can't make the car payment!

Sits on his hands, like always. Stress me out about something I can't do anything about. His irresponsibility will cost me. How is this fair? Yet he says he's being civil. I threaten court, since divorce decree states he's responsible for the car payments (he WANTED it)...he tells me I can't take him to court until I finalize the divorce.

"I can get the divorce finalized today, obtain a lawyer tomorrow, and have your butt in a can by the end of the year."


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