He was the love of my life. My high school sweetheart. The man I planned to grow old with. We weathered life and got married. But we got busy and he ignored me while I hurt and I ignored him while he buried himself in work. I cheated. I wish I hadnt. He's gone now. My family doesnt know it was my fault. They think he abandoned me. They dont know i deserved to be left. He wasn't a bad man... just immature and inattentive. I needed to be adored and taken care of. I thought I had found a way to have both -- this stable but empty marriage and a man who would pour affection on me... I lost both. The man who would have made a good father and would have probably learned to be a good husband is gone to find someone who deserves that love and the man who made me feel beautiful and wanted has given that attention to someone else.
Not all exes are bad. Some you miss for your whole life.

I am so sorry for how I hurt and betrayed you. I would give anything to go back in time and change that decision. It doesnt make any sense at all except to someone who has been in my shoes but i do love you. I always loved you. I always will love you...


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