my EX

WAS an insecure guy who always verbally put me down.and cheated on my from the very beginning. actually i didn't know that i was his first cheet . i had no idea he was still seeing this particular girl .he told me they broke up long ago.she continued to o follow him even after our marriage . he had lots of excuses for her following him all of which i fell for. i eventually realized he was cheating with his boss an elderly lady who he once lived with when he left home as a teenager. she was quite well off her husband was a dentist .in hindsight i know he was only attracted to older wealthy women. he didn't have the confidence to believe he could ever be successful. he was right in the end.he ended up doing a lot of lying trough our 16 yrs together. 16 miserable yrs the end i caught him red handed walking hand in hand and kissing this old lady . she was also married for over 30 yrs to a wondrrful man who kept her very fact she had a son my exs age! so now he has a playmate too. by the time my ex got out of diapers his new old lady would be in them!i was just 38 yrs old she was 60ish.e had an awful divorce. very bitter.


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