They beat me.


Most every guy I date either used me for sex or beat me. They would say that I should die or kill myself. They didn't treat me like I deserved to be treated. I stuck with them because at the time I couldn't see the wrong in this. A few friends would say oh he is so mean dump him. I would say he is only acting this way because you guys are around. Bruises become gashes and then me overdosing on pills and heroin. Then one day I was face to face with death and then I woke up and realized what was happening. I tried to run away but he told me if I do he would find me and kill me. Most of the men I was with raped me over and over again. I felt like I had it coming. I felt that it was all my fault. I never had a second to just smile and feel like I was okay. I never could stand up for myself ever. Until now, now I am 19 and I can stand up to the ones that would beat me, rape, say horrible things to me and just hurt me. Now is my time to help the ones that have been in the same situation I have been in. I am the living proof that you can be strong and get away. Because I got away and am feeling better then ever. HOPE HAS COME!


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