tall fencer meets small artist

He was my first everything. First kiss, to well, you know.

He was my first everything. First kiss, to well, you know. All in a matter of 5 months. 3 years we were on an off. Finally ended because he's having a kid. I'm glad its not my kid.
He loved me and helped me through dark times and I can't thank him enough for that.
He also took my trust and threw it back in my face when he forced himself on me. He made me cry when he cut himself because I needed to heal after he took advantage of me. He made me hate myself. He broke my heart when he cheated on me. He ruined my Christmas when went out with one of my friends.
And somewhere in that mess. He proposed to me. When I was 16. He wanted to marry me. We had a date picked out. No one else knew about it though. February 1st 2007. If he had consistently stayed together for those two years I would have been with him. I wanted the white dress and the red flowers.
He did spoil me. Bringing me jewelry and flowers for no reason. Just to put a smile on my face.
Now I can't talk to him at all. His girlfriend decided I was too much of a threat. I miss him as my friend. He knew me well. And while he might always say the wrong thing, he means well and that counts. Especially in a world where you can never have enough friends.


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