The Box In My Closet

Almost 9 months later, I still have everything he gave me in a box on the top shelf of my closet.

On New Year's Eve, my ex and I were over 100 miles apart. We hadn't seen each other since Christmas and things were pretty rocky. I had told him weeks before that he needed to treat me better. He needed to stop drinking so much and stop acting like it was a chore to see me. It didn't matter how much time I gave him, things just didn't change.

So there it was, 2 hours before the ball fell and I was on the phone with him. We ended it that night. Instead of celebrating and partying, I was sitting on the couch, with a drink in one hand and a tissue in the other.

Truth is, he was an alcoholic but I was too blind in love to see it. So I put up with the emotional abuse thinking it would get better.

It still took over a month for me to realize it was truly over. I still wore the necklace and earrings he gave me everyday. I still kept the bear he gave me for Christmas on my bed. I still curled up under his blanket he gave me when I got cold. I couldn't get it through my head that we were done.

Finally after 2 months, I got a box and stuffed everything in it. I closed it up and put it on the highest shelf I could in my closet. Out of sight, out of mind.

9 months later, the only thing that's left of him is that box in my closet.


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