I'm Getting Stronger

I'm stronger because of your mistakes.

Where did you go? Why did you leave? Don't you know I'm fragile?

He's not exactly my ex; nothing was ever official. But when I had him, I had everything. He put me on a pedestal as if I meant the world to him. I fell hard, even knowing his reputation for being a player. I didn't care though. I was simply too naive to know what I was getting myself into. But he left; just like that. I'll never understand why, but for the longest time, I blamed myself.

But he came back. I'm not stupid enough to believe him when he says he's "different now," and I have my gaurd up this time. My friends have all warned me not to go there again, and I would listen to them, if it weren't for the fact that it's MY life. I'm fifteen, so what if I get hurt? I've been hurt before. If it happens again, I'll do what I did two years ago: cry for a minute or two, take a deep breath, and pick myself up.

It gets easier and harder every day to live without you. But I'm stronger because of your mistakes.


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