We made beautiful children

We had it all

We had it all, 5 beautiful children, A once in a life time job at a plant down south, a beautiful home in a beautiful suburb 2 cars, his wife wanted him to love her, so content be a middle class wife and raise our children for a secessful future. We needed nothing from anyone. He just couldn't say "No" not to any woman, not to drugs. It was so hard to let that life go. Go back home, and settle. I think about it now and then, miss it, yes I do, but I wasn't loved enough for him to say no. That hurt worse than coming back home to podunk. And my kids turned out Great! They are all secessful, good hearted people. And I take pride in how they came out. Cause they love me. They love my ex too. I would not deny him thier Love. Look what he gave me. marlajane


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