the three missing things

more buxom paycheck

[lower case for speed, not affectation]

i asked him what were the big things that had been missing from our marriage. after he was already leaving us. i just wanted to know. i was asking for the deep empty places in the spirit that i'd failed to nourish.
his answer:

1 "better clothes." ok, go on.
2 "better cars." right, what else?
3 "better vacations." thanks, got it.

wondered if maybe the ARMY would have suited him better than family life?
to wit:
1 butch outfits (and free)
2 huge honkin veehickles that cost millions
AND blow stuff up
3 travel to exotic places

so now he's wearing boss, driving a gasosaurus, and marrying on a fijian island.

and he looks like a toad from all that better food and better booze and better couches and better TVs.

hey, turns out my ex just wanted a woman with a more buxom paycheck!


justice arrives in the form of one's own appetites, satiated.


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