Marine Jerk

Semper Fidelous. What does that mean? Forever faithful. Does he even know what that means? He was faithful, but not forever. I'm sixteen and STILL in love with a Marine Jerk. Yes, a Marine. He is eighteen and every bit an arrogent, know-it-all jerk. What do expect from young Jarheads.
He professed his love to me through engagement. Yes engagement. We were, but that's over. He didn't like me for me any more. Better late than never, eh. He broke my heart. Oh, well. I picked up the pieces and moved on, a little.
I went out with another guy who used me. He just wanted his ex back. He is also a Marine Jerk, well a wanna-be Marine, but still a Jerk.
Why is it that I fall in love in all the wrong places? I need to start looking at civilians. They aren't that arrogent. Nobody can be that arrogent or self-centered.
That's okay. You just have to pick up the pieces of your heart and move on. A small step forward starts it all.


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