Kent Wells

I was bearly 17 you were 30, I loved you more than life itself!! We met threw friends, I knew at first sight you were the one! We talked on the phone for hours about nothing. Two years later you said you needed your space...I cryed. I moved out into my first place you said we would still be togther, I got locked out of my place, I walked far to your place. I knocked, you answered...I saw her in the back round, I turned around and walked fast trying to understand what was going on. Teas fell like rain making me feel the storm of pain. Hystarical mumbling to myseld as I walked and walked nowere. Not knowing how to understand, I was in a daze for a year, I was awake in the dark, their was no light left in my world so I wanted to make it forever. I took one pill at a time with vodka untile I could fit no more. The 860 pills I took finaly started working I could feel no more. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!! I was awake I was in the hospital. My mother "why, why, why," with tears. My sister with tears "Don't you want to see your neice grow up?"
Ten years has passed...I have a wonderful boyfriend and two beautiful children and I still love you and miss you and I still do not understand why out of all the people I'v ever known I still think of you.


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