You hit me. That's goodbye.

I love myself now. I didn't before.

I always thought I could fix them, boyfriends. By solving their problems, I'd solve my own. After him, I realized I couldn't. He was bipolar, unstable, abused, unloved. I was alone, anxiety ridden, depressed. It was a match made in hell. Years of torment raged from his hands and mouth onto me. I put up with it for seven months. Not as long as some, but too long for me. He ran after my car as I drove away, my right eye black and nose bleeding. I saw him two weeks later. I had a new haircut, attitude, outlook. He had a new girl. It scared me to think she'd endure what I did. I prayed for her once. He's single again. I love myself now, I didn't before. I used to hate him, for what he did to me, but now I feel sorry for him. Remember the good times, but never forget the bad.


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