Bloody Red Heart

Unfortunately, Broken Heart 101 is not an option and we must learn from others about getting over someone.

No one has a better "ex-story" than I do. Believe me, I have seen, done, and dated it all. The thing that brings me to write something regarding this subject is no matter how we label those individuals whom we previously dated, they will always remain someone who has touched our hearts and left an imprint on our abilities to love. Now, I don't mean the one person you went on a few dates with and imagined yourself having kids with. I am talking about the love, in which you can probably count on one hand, which shook you to your core and temporarily changed your life.

If an observer were to open my, what we like to call, "ex-files", they would find a history of men which I left with bleeding wounds, or to the lay person, a broken heart. I had never had my heart broken, until that one guy, every one knows who I'm talking about, manages to take a grasp of your heart and squeeze it until it pops in your face- leaving you with a bleeding wound of your own. Well, this is what happened to me. Heart. Pop. Blood. Face.

I have spent the past couple months trying to wipe the blood off my face and move on with my life. I have tried everything in my power to get over him. Such attempts include, but are not limited to:

Running up my phone bill to vent to my friends about how much I hated the way he dressed; crying myself to sleep only to wake up with mascara run eyes and a slight heart attack as I look at myself in the mirror; eating pints and pints of Ben and Jerry's Ice cream only for it to end up on my ass; and of course, the infamous reading of old love letters only to have the sheer satisfaction of ripping them up later.

Although I was able to fly through life without a broken heart, I wish someone had taught me how to heal a gaping wound. Instead of taking such electives as astronomy or botany in college, schools should offer electives that instruct the common heartbroken-individual how to easily cope with getting over your ex.

So, my ex-story doesn't consist of him sleeping with someone else or his inabilities to love someone other than himself. This submission is spreading the very strong message that it is not pathetic that it has been half a year since that special someone, or un-special someone, has broken your heart. Healing a broken heart takes time. Removing someone from your life who was in your daily routine is hard and takes courage. Unfortunately, Broken Heart 101 is not an option and we must learn from others about getting over someone. This is why I respect the many people who submitted stories. Having a broken heart is universal. Everyone has an ex and everyone has the ability to heal that gaping wound.


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