This is the story

This is the story of a boy and a girl. He was looking for some girl to boast about to his friends. She was looking for love. they found each other, and found what they were looking for. they girl thought she found her prince charming, and the boy found his sucker.
And so they went out. the girl was happy. He treated her right, and listened to her. the boy was happy. she was hot, and a girl all boys wanted. And so he talked. and when he was bored, because the girl was shy and didnt want to go to fast, the boy would cheat. And the girl knew nothing.
One day, the guy moved schools. Finally, the boys felt bad for her, and once they knew the boy was gone for good, the boys came out and told her. she was broken. that night, she want to call him to break up, when he called her first. He said. "Hey, We're breaking up. I found a hotter girl that does more." and hung up. She cried the rest of the night, and stayed home from school the next day.
This is the story of how one girl's life got messed up because of a boy.
This is the story of a love less girl and a boy named tyler


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