Cameras See Everything

All she could see was his tongue.

Coach Haynes was the best english teacher I had. She made my freshman year memorable, but her son, Andy, made my sophomore year even more important. He was my first boyfriend, tall, thin, and adorably geeky. To him, I was just a "little girl", though I was only a year and some odd months younger than him. He was my first kiss, first, "I love you", and first make out. Coach Haynes won't let me forget that. How did his mom find out about the intamacy of our relationship? One day after school, I had come to visit her in her class while students were staying after to make up a test. We whispered and joked about her son, then she started talking about how she knew more than I thought. Apparently, the vice principal asked her down to his office one day and showed her a video he got from one of the stairwells in the high school. He asked, "Is that your son?" Coach Haynes told me she couldn't tell-All she could see was his tongue. Still, after a year, she won't let me live it down. But Andy is my ex. My cute, sweet exboyfriend who I would run back to in a heartbeat. He broke up with me because he was unsure of what he wanted. Now he knows what he wants- I'm just waiting for him to make his move.


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