Ex Best Friend

I'm not going to let someone from my past ruin my future.

The ages of 7-9 were very hard for me. My dog that I'd had my entire life died, and the two people I was closest to had died. On top of that my parents decided to get divorced. I didn't act out on any of this untill middle school, but that never went further than being an outright JERK to my mother and my stepfather and never going to see my dad. Then in high school I met this girl and we became instant best friends. We did everything together, finished each others sentences, had sleepovers, we knew everything about each other. She was very depressed, too, but she was far worse than I was. I thought we were helping each other cope, I realize now that I was wrong. She was a cutter, and convinced me that I should cut myself, too, because that would take away all of my pain. So I listened. And started lying to my other friends about what was going on. She was also verbally abusive, always did whatever she could to put me down.But I took it because I thought it helped her feel better, but all it did was cause me to hurt myself more and more. Everytime something good happened to me, she would do her best to ruin it or to top it with something that happened to her. Eventually we got into a huge fight because I was SO tired of her ALWAYS putting me down. This fight lasted from the middle of sophomore year till the end of it when we at least started talking again. But over that summer, my mom and I decided I would transfer to a different school on the other side of town. This turned out to be a really good change for me. I was happier, made new better friends that helped me stop cutting and made me feel good about who I am, and I started dating that guy that I had liked for two years, and will be marrying in a just a couple months now. After graduation I started attending beauty school where I was reunited with the friend from freshman year. We would hang out at school we fell right into our old routine. I would try and help her, and she would put me down. Fotuneately, I never went back to cutting myself. She was mad at me constantly because I was planning a wedding and her boyfriend wouldn't even talk about getting engaged with her. For two weeks before Valentines Day she would talk about how she was POSITIVE that he was going to propose to her on Valentines Day. When Valentines Day finally came around, she came into school crying because all she got was "a stupid giant bear". She was absolutely FURIOUS with me when she saw that not only had I gotten a diamond necklace from my fiance, but he had flowers delivered to the school for me. Before she graduated we were done being friends. For good. My final straw was when she decied to tell me my fiance was an abusive jerk. Which I know is not true, since he is the sweetest person I know, and has NEVER layed a hand on me, or done anything to intentionally hurt me. She claimed he tried to sleep with her, which I also know to not be true because the time she said it happened, was a time that he was actually, with me. Her final straw was when I called her out on her lies and she didn't like it one bit. She was also furious with me when she found out that not was she most deffinately NOT going to be my maid of honor, she wasn't even invited to the wedding. I don't know why I thougt she would have been a great friend. She never once did anything nice for me, She always put me down for everyting. She was never happy for me when something good happened either. We still see each other around town sometimes, and while I'm civil towards her, she is outright rude to me. But she can live her life as she pleases. My life is wonderful and I'm not going to let someone from my past ruin my future. I deserve to be happy, I deserve to have someone tell me that I'm beautiful. She only wanted me sad, she only told me that I was too fat to be loved. But I've come a long way from the freshman she met. I'm happy. I'm free from those chaines. I've found the love of God, and the love of the man I'm going to marry. I have a job that I love. Life is great.


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