I Never Thought We’d End up Like This

All I know is that night I sat crying in my room for hours, I never thought it would end up like this.

I started dating my ex at the end of eighth grade. We’ll call him Tommy from now on. He was two years older than I was and because of the age difference, his friends at school gave him a hard time and that made me think we would never last. However, we were still together by the time he was graduating and going to college. We lived in Pennsylvania and he was going to college in Florida so over the summer, we decided we would just see what happened when he went to school and if we could stay together, we would. The beginning wasn’t too bad, there were long nights on the phone and I never was worried anything because I trusted him. Everything seemed to be going fine but right around Christmas break, he started to act shady. I thought that when he came home for winter break he’d want to spend as much time with me as possible but instead he started to ignore my phone calls and avoid me.
The day after Christmas, I was on my way to Connecticut with my family to visit some relatives, but on the way there, we got a call from my aunt saying my grandfather had passed away from a heart attack earlier that morning. I was very close with my grandfather and was extremely upset but my dad was ten times more upset than I was so I tried to be strong from him so he wouldn’t get even more upset seeing me upset. I held in my emotions all day and all I wanted to do was talk to Tommy when I got back so I could finally tell someone how upset I was. I called Tommy when I got home and asked him if he would come over, his response to me was something about meeting up with his friend and friend’s girlfriend later and couldn’t ditch them. At that point, I told him what happened that day and would really appreciate it if he would stop by, and just stay for five minutes, on his way to his friends. Instead of being a good boyfriend, or even friend, he said he couldn’t because he would be late. This started an argument and he ended up breaking up with me right then and there on the phone after a four year relationship and after I just told him my grandfather passed away.
That whole fiasco led to him going back to school without our speaking another word. A few weeks later I came home to an extremely long e-mail that talked about how sorry he was and what he could do to fix things and that he realized he lost a great thing. I could not look at him the same after what happened. The circumstances that he broke up with me under were inhumane. As much as I had loved him and as much as he wanted to get back together I never could. We would tried to be friends for a while and then I would start feeling attached and I didn’t want that so I would break off communication for awhile. This went on for almost a year when I finally realized that he is one of my best friends and knows more about me and cared more about me than any of my other friends and for some reason that one night he messed up.
So now, three years after the breakup, my ex is my best friend. After time the love feelings went away as well as the physical attraction, but there is still the commitment of friendship. I can talk to him about anything and he comes to me with his problems. My mother, who didn’t like him while we were dating, loves him now. All I know is that night I sat crying in my room for hours, I never thought it would end up like this.


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