"One pill" he said "Two pill"

We had been friends for over 5 years. Niether felt this closely connected until last september. We started dating and learned each others secrets. I found he had a very painful past, he was abused, depressed and had attempted suicide.. Or so i thought. Many of my friends began telling me how he lied to them all the time and i began to question. Many of his storys began to fall apart. After two months i ended it with him. He began texting me and showing up at my house at all hours. He followed me to a friends on a few occasions. After awhile i found love with someone new. My ex disliked this alot. He began blackmailing me. If i didnt do this or that he would self-harm. I met him half way knowing i wouldnt be able to cope if i caused him harm. But after so long it started to get worse. My friend decided enough was enough, she rowed with him over the phone until he began blackmailing her! He told her he was gna OD. "One pill" he was saying, "two pill" We couldnt believe it. Even after hanging up we feared for him. A few days later he contacted me again. He threatened me that he would cut himself if i didnt end it with my soon-to-be ex. This was the final straw. I couldnt take it so i told him to do it, thinking he didnt have the guts. But he did. In front of my eyes he began doing it. I was scared. I had no idea how to stop him so i tried playing him at his own game. It worked. He loved me too much to have any harm come to me. I was relieved but after that day began my journey to depression. The rest is past, present and future. He is less of a problem now but in a few years when me and my friend move he will be out of my life for good. Good ridance.


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