He never loved me....aparently!

6 months. I know it doesnt sound like much, but to me it was. I never slept with him (thank god), never even made out with him. He was the perfect gentleman. Going into it i never expected love, but I found it waiting for me with open arms! 6 months came and gone, and one day he broke it off saying "I dont think I ever loved you, I dont really even think i know what love is." I had noone growing up, and verbaly abusive father and only when its convienient mother, he was an angel in my all to painfilled world, and then he broke it. We're friends, or at least trying to be I want to say that I dont care about him but I do. I look at old photos and yearn for that connection again. Maybe it's the connection that i miss so much, but as of now I just dont know. Life goes on though and i'm sure one day i'll find love again for now I just have to keep reminding myself that I got 6 months with him which is more than anyone else can say. Our love might of been short, but i swear to you it was real.


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