Lying Fool

It seems like a Jerry Springer episode, but it’s actually my life

He was so charming. We were all fooled. Everyone in my family thought he was great.

I got pregnant. “Let’s name her Annabelle,” he insisted.
“That makes me think of a cow,” I replied.

He broke the news to my mom first, “We’re having a baby he said.”

“What are your plans?” my mom politely asked.

“I will support your daughter no matter what her decision,” he answered.


We got into a fight. I ended the relationship before I was even three months pregnant. Everyone thought I was nuts, “Why’d you break up with him?” they asked.

“I have my reasons.”

It turns out my instinct was right. He was still married, and the child he claimed was his nephew- was in fact his son. (Two facts he conveniently omitted / altered.)

The pregnancy flew by and not a word from him.

I visited his mother when my daughter was a year old. “He’s very family oriented,” she insisted. “I really wanted you guys to stay together.”

“Where is he?” I asked.

“He’s interviewing for a job in New York.”

“Doesn’t he want to see his daughter?”
No response. Instead, she said, “Tell me if you need anything.”

Summer turned into fall. I thought it would be nice to visit his mother again, so she could see the baby. I got to the house, and EVERYONE was there – his grandparents, stepfather, and the neighbor (I have no idea what she was doing there.)

Conversation was started. His mother decided it was time for a little truth telling, “He’s married. That’s not his nephew; that’s his son.”


Four months later and I tracked his wife down to Florida. I called her to tell her who I was. “HE GOT ANOTHER GIRL PREGNANT? I can’t believe he had me give up my son,” she sobbed. “Did you know that there’s another girl down here who will give birth next month?” she asked.

So now, my daughter is almost a year old and has never seen or received a dime from her lying, useless father. He is denying we ever had a relationship. His mother, crazy as she is, insists that the pregnancies aren’t his fault. I guess it was the immaculate conception twice over.

A year and half later, his wife is STILL with him (only God knows why), my daughter now has a month old little half-sister from another woman, and I’ve yet to see the child support he said he’d provide. It seems like a Jerry Springer episode, but it’s actually my life.

The sum total: I have a beautiful little girl, and no one can take that away from me.


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