Never Ending!

Me and my Girlfriend broke up after going out for 6 months exactly! We talked very little for months, i was heart broken, i couldnt bear i lost my first Girlfriend over something which to me meant quite a bit, but because i was insecure, what i thought was important, really wasnt!
It was a long time ago, and i can't remember the details, but we started speaking properly, over about a year, we grew into best friends, we were inseprable, i was so happy she was finally back in my life again.
Now i started to have feelings for her again, whoever said, that if you ever love someone, you never stop loving them....knows exactly what she/he's talking about!

Recently we've been so close, we just acted ourselves and it felt amazing to just have someone i can just be my complete self with.

We had talked about going back out with each other, but we couldnt risk our friendship, it meant too much to both of us!

She's now got a boy friend, someone i can't stand because of the way he is, but she loves him, and i put up with that!

Were still best friends, (closer than most, because of everything we've been through)...and we will be, Forever...Because one day, one of us will Rule the World!


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