The signs were obvious and I was in denial

I sat there alone, with absolutely nothing. What was supposed to be a one time thing became a two years thing. He had a girlfriend and I wasn't into the whole relationship deal. But we fell in what I thought was love. Matthew and I were together for two years. I thought we were on good terms I thought everything was perfect. Matthew, his eight month old daughter, and I lived happily in San Diego. We both were doing very well at our jobs. His career was taking off, and so was our relationship, from what I could see. He started working more and come home at least an hour late every night and sometimes not coming home until three in the morning on weekends. The signs were obvious and I was in denial. One day his ex girlfriend, the mother of his child came over to visit the baby. They were smiling at each other for once and were actually getting along. I should have known right there something was up. I should have expected this out of him. He cheated on the mother of his child who he "loved" for me. For one night stand. He was worthless and it took me four years to realize this. I came home one night and she was there. They were drinking and he came out and told me. We split that night and I made him get out of my house. I cut him some slack though. If it wasn't for the baby he would've been homeless for two months. This is what happens when you are involved with cheating, it bites you in the ass and your heart gets broken. I learned my lesson, once a cheater always a cheater. A year later I found this guy, named Denny he's amazing we're engaged and I love him. He made me realize what love truly means. My mind can not even comprehend how much I love him and I've never been happier.


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