i still love yu.

Dear ex-boyfrend,

everything is my fault!
all of this happened between yu and I is all because of me!
if i hadn't done what i did,we probably would have still been together.
i kno we would because if that hadn't happened,i wuld have done anything to make our relationship work!
but i believe that everything happens for a reason
and noone is perfect,everyoone makes a mistake in our life that we will regret!
&& i regret this one,if i could have taken bakk' and do this all over i would do it for the rest of my life!
i would do it all over because thats what i want the most.
i want to be with yu and i would do anything to get yu bakk!
just like i did today!
&& i think im not going to give up?
i tried once but i can try again?
not now,but in a few months or so.??
now i kno not to ever do wat i did to yu to anyone else because i kno i will lose them!
and i kno that this relationship ended because of me!
all of this is my STUPID fault!!!
everyone got something out of it,but i'm the one that stayed alone.
i dont want to deal with any of this bullshit anymore,but yur there!
yu are there stabbed across my heart;;&& i just cant seem to get yu out of there.
it's going to take some time,i kno that..i just just don't kno how long??
and its going to be very painful
and that is something i don't want to deal with.
yu told me many things today,that hurt me' but there was one thing i like that yu sed,and that was that.."there are many other guys waiting out there to find a girl like yu Michelle"??
yu just cant seem to figure out that i don't want any other guy,the only one that i want is yu!
and in my heart i believe that yu still have feelings for me?
i dont have any idea if its just something i want to think??
i dont kno what to think?
but i feel and i kno, that yu may still not be over me,,but idk wat yu feel?
only yu do,but if yu do feel something cant yu just tell me,instead of making me go thru all this pain\:
idk wat to do,idk how Iim going to get over yu?
its going to be hard,but i need to try!
but it's going to kill me inside,so i suggest that i just let this go,and move on to a different life!?
don't yu think?
if i do,i get a new life,i wont remember wat i went thru with yu!
i will start over!!
and i wont have to go thru all this pain that i have to hide and that kills me', and is more painful than anything else yu can imagine!

i just wish that all this was just a dream[a nightmare]!
i wish it was.
the only way that i can have yu;is in my dreams && my imagination.
that is the best thing i have from yu,i can just imagine!
my dreams are going to be the best from now on,and my life will be miserable;;because the only place i can have yu is in there in my head' and heart';not reality!
i would like to spend the rest of my life day dreaming about yu,day & night just to have the feeling that yu are still here with me!

P.S;and no matter wat,i will always have a special place in my heart for yu.


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