I wonder if you miss my giggle for I miss your cackle.

Do you remember me? I think of you sometimes at night. I wonder if you miss the way I ran my fingers through your hair and you closed your eyes not only aroused by the caressing but the tenderness of the massage. I wonder if you miss my giggle for I miss your cackle. Sometimes I miss the way we never fought and if we did it never lasted long before we laughed at the stupidity. When you kiss her, hold her or are away from her does the thought of me sneak in your mind and do you miss me? Do you remember I called you kitty and you called my baby? Sometimes in the car when I’m not thinking my hand slides over to the passenger side and rests where once it hid itself under you leg but your not there. Do you remember those car rides and how we did that? Do you still think of me or am I just a memory?


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