Story of a young girl Izzy.

He put the gun in his mouth. Pulled he trigger. Died.

I was dating this guy Brad, I honestly thought he loved me; he was so good to me and we were IN LOVE. One night i was really depressed and i started cutting my wrists.. he threatened to kill himself if I didn't stop, I didn't take him seriously and I kept cutting, He stuck the gun in his mouth, pulled the trigger. Died. I found out, the next morning.. his mom called me to see if I knew what happened. She was an emotional wreck and I lied saying I didn't know why the hell he would take his own life. My parents had to literally tear me away from the casket. I was so in shock. I screamed day and night for weeks.. Then I decided it was my time to go. I got out my dad's old knife from his Marine days, and I cut, and I cut. What was I cutting? My heart. Out. I almost succeeded too, but I went unconcious from blood loss. I awoke in a hospital bed, my chest in pain. I raised my hospital gown to see a big patch of snow white gauze dotted with rust colored blood. I was alone. Not once did I have a visitor, and I was in there for a whole month. When I was released, my dad got me out and before even going home, he drove me to Lakeland(a mental institution for trouble and/or suicidle teenagers) I was in there for 11 days, not once did I see the sun light, not once was I allowed out of my room, not once did i recieve a visitor, to top it all off I wasn't allowed to journal, or talk. When I got home I didn't get an array of hugs, or kisses, no welcome backs! nothing. Well, I'm clinically depressed and on Prozak medication. Story of my Life.


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