Never Ment to Be

I still blame her though.

He was a year older than me, I thought that was cool. He was a loser who couldn't get a girlfriend. I was just a girl that every boy wanted, but didn't care about. My friend thought it was a match made in Heaven, and so did I. For 5 months we didn't talk, bairly saw eachother, and I hated him, yet loved him. The day of out 6 month anniversary he called me a phsyco bipolar with no life. I was happy. He didn't truely like me, he just wanted me. I couldn't take it. 3 months before the breakup I became depressed, the breakup didn't help...until I remembered, I could blame my friend, and I did. I thought,"Hey it could all still work! Maybe its not all over! I can try again!" But I was wrong. He talked about me to his friends who I didn't even know I have strangers who hate me. That was just great. Until 6 months ago, when I met HIM. The guy who could save me from myself. I still blame her though.


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