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"I think that wanting to be in committed relationships, that that was like a phase I went through, and now I'm through it, and I need to move on and do other things, new things."

This is what my boyfriend of one year said to me at three in the morning on a Monday, a work day. This is how and when he chose to inform me that "my boyfriend" was probably no longer an ideal descriptor for me to use in reference to him. Six hours earlier he …

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My ex was dumped by his long time suggar-daddy boyfriend (whom he had been cheating on a lot!!). First thing he does, after lots of sex, is going and tricking an old time girlfriend, whose known to be a bit naive, into getting together. They get married soon after and she gets pregnant. A month later, he receives a grant to study a few months in France and leaves his LatinAmerican hometown. Not much later he writes his wife saying that he's been gay his whole life, he has …

It was better than the state fair. There was the roller coaster of emotions -- constantly up and down, making my stomach sick one minute, then making me throw my hands up in the air with delight the next. And there was the haunted house of old ghosts and skeletons in the closet. And there were the funhouse mirrors, making everything seem better than it was. And then there were the freak shows -- the world's tiniest woman, the half-grizzly man, the world's biggest pig -- and I was all …

Dear Freddie,

Do you remember much we loved each other? An old friend stopped to talk to me last night and conversed about how she could not believe we divorced. I can’t believe that it was 35 years ago and still people remember us as a couple. I suppose it was as much a shock to us as to all our friends. We were lucky to have shared such a passionate love.

I fell in love with you at first sight. …

I gave my ex seventeen years of my young life, three beautiful children, always waited for him to come through the door and worked very hard to give him a nice clean home. My reward was a gift of alcoholism, abuse, hunger and lonely nights unless he wanted sex. I never felt that we made love. It was always too one sided. He came home to get clean clothes and give me orders. He barely patted the children on the head, let alone picked then up, hugged or bathed …

She left me for a married man; now his ex-wife and I are best friends. It's funny the way mutual hatred can bring people together.

So ... glad to be back in Boston?

Yeah, I'm having a great time. Good to see all my old buddies. I was just telling them the story about the time I gave you a bloody nose on the trampoline.

Haha ... that's a great story. We should really get together before you leave. I miss you. How about that dinner you promised me?

[long text message pause]

I'm gonna be honest, I think that would be kinda difficult for me.

We decided to spend a weekend away together to try to find a way we could continue to be together despite the big difference between us.

We spent the first two days hiking, playing monopoly and having our usual limited version of sex. In other words, we did everything to avoid the subject.

On Sunday afternoon we had the big discussion.

Now when I said "let's talk about this religion-thing" I meant I wanted to see if there was a way this …

My first boyfriend is still around. Four years in September--I'll be twenty. Lots of people think we're crazy--including me. My parents hate him. But nearly every kiss is as good as the first, and we're still planning elaborate romantic surprises for minor occasions. I'm not going to tell you I've found my "one true love." I don't believe in that. But I also don't believe in giving up on something good just because other people think it's impossible.

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I sat on the grass in the summer, wondering how this could be happening. Again. And wondering why I thought being outside in the sun would make this easier. While he focused on looking at anything but me, I landed on this: this break up will be different because we never sit in the grass.

"You have to choose," I said. "You can either treat me right or it's over."

He looked at my eyes. Held my gaze. I didn't back down. This is what strong …

He had served as my best friend, lover, confidant and surrogate family member for all those years. We had uprooted and moved to three very different states. We survived Louisiana, unemployment, infertility, home-buying and the deaths of our respective parents. Our beloved handicapped cat had died in my arms on our frantic way to the emergency vet. He was everything good in my life.

That is, for a while. One night, I was driving home from work, dead on my feet from the overtime. …

I told my ex that I was getting married the same day her new boyfriend dumped her.

It wasn't the guy that she was sleeping with while we were together that caused me to move out.

But it was a guy she started sleeping with soon after I moved out for "six months so we could each have time alone to figure out what it was we wanted."

She cried.

I acted as if I felt bad.

I only laughed after I left …

I pretty much dicked over my best friend, Kassim, for his ex-gf. During my first year at university, my best friend introduced me to his then girlfriend. We became good friends, as much we sort of had to, friendship by association. They broke up at some point, but she kept on calling me, and we kept our "friendship" going, but without his really being aware. We kept up the phone calls, the chatting, the meeting up for "coffee", all under the pretense of friendship even though we both sort …

I could have said:
be mine
we have so much more to
say or simply
I love you

what I said instead was

good luck to you and
hope it goes well
and she did

Part of me wants to know how she is but the rest
doesn't matter because the how doesn't involve me and won't ever involve me.

Actually, he *is* a clown. I was the one he turned to when his marriage fell apart. For 10 months I put up with his griping about his ex wife.

I got rid of him when the sex got dull.

Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door. ~Saul Bellow

I am looking out a window, now. And once, I was looking out a window, in some such hot New Mexico afternoon. Seven years old, some 28 years ago. Me, I, my face, my body, sitting in the back of that dirty brown station wagon, face pressed against the rear glass, looking out that window into the Cannon Air Force Base PX parking lot. Saturday shopping with The Father, …

Mis-managed, mass murder, puppy dog/baby slaughter.
this heart, beating bruised, my heart, broken by you.
pink house, pretty lips, my stupid smile, quickly slipped.
want to forget, have to move-on, she's not good enough for me? not good enough for the pawn?
i'll make my mistakes, and decide if they are, just a hope that you don't break her young heart.

It was Grade 7 and the rumors had been circulating for a good 2 hours now, he was going to ask me out. I've never been asked out before...What do I do? I don't like him but I don't want to be mean. Lunch hour emerges and after a solid 10 minutes of pacing he walks over to me (along with 10 other people following him). "Hey, can I ask you something?" He says with a sly grin on his face. I respond nervously "uh...yeah. What's up?" Then he did …
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