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Dont leave the one you love for the one you like ... Because the one you like will leave you for the one you love .. My ex did this to me so i felt and never go back.

He proposed to me in the pot-hole infested, trash-strewn parking lot of a Value City department store. I had been hoping for Macy's. The ring was purchased with the insurance money he recieved from a car accident. Nothing life threatening. A woman in a mini van had backed over his car in a KFC drive-though. Apparently this particular KFC franchise had lost sight of the meaning of "fast" food and the woman was trying to escape--Undoubtably to one of the 3 billion McDonald's in the area. I had thought for …

I didn't ask to be corrupted, but i didn't say no. i was suckered into everything because i was/am a weak person. you pulled me in with the strongest undertow imaginable. i survived you, and i dont need you anymore. what happened in between shouldn't matter anymore to me. it still does, but not as much as it used to. it takes a long time to rise from the ashes.

Have you ever woken up right in the middle of a really great dream? All you can do is lay there in bed and try to close your eyes long enough to finish just a piece of the dream that was going so well!

It's July and the weather is amazing, I'm out at one of the local outdoor bars and I see him. He is absolutely gorgeous, his smile is amazing! I can't stop staring at his eyes. Okay, so I've had a little bit to drink …

I met my true love the same year the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. I was at Nicks reading Aristotle and drinking Heineken when I ran across a brilliant idea. The idea was: the reward for living a good life is happiness. My next thought after wow, that’s cool was that: I might live to be ninety; I might never meet my mate, I might be alone the rest of my life. It’s possible. I could be miserable day in and day out every day forever. How boring. With a Heineken …

I don't want an ex. I think he's the only one who I don't mind not getting my jokes.

Recently, I came to an important realization. I married men. Well, not literally. I married people who embody biologically female characteristics, but that’s about where it ends. Think of all of the men-bashing, degrading, condescending, unfair descriptions you’ve heard used to describe men. Then add a dress. That’s who I married.

Okay, I was actually only married once. The second time wasn't a legal marriage, but close enough. When I got divorced, I immediately fell into another relationship. Yes, I read all the books that extolled the virtues …

I had been lying naked in my own urine paralyzed on the bathroom floor for a weekend when my crazy Christian Scientist exboyfriend compelled my landlord to unlock my apartment door and called 911. Unbeknownst to us, I was having a stroke. He rode in the ambulance with me. Against his beliefs, he saved my life.

I met him. This, of course, is where it all began. I was young at the time. He was younger. I was also stupid at the time.
He was my first; my first true love, my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first lover. I was never his only.
It all started out great. I loved him so much I thought I would explode from the pure happiness I felt whenever we were near. He held my hand and I would tremble. He looked lovingly into my eyes and …

As I stood on the side of the highway after having been left by my now EX, who drove away in MY car, I seriously considered, at last, the actual fact that I, not he, was most definitely not all there. You know what I mean? My elevator just did not seem to go to the top. Something was wrong with me to continue to settle for his abuse. It was not love and it was not sex or money. So it had to be …

I had a day today, but it isn't much fun today. Two times two to say, and I ain't got the way. In the end, I dont have a day, two times two today. If I could, I would say two times two today. Thats all I can say two times two today. If you could be the way would you say I've got to say, two times two today. Where is the end today to the end of the day I want to say I ain't …

A lot of background history makes this complicated, although, it should seem very simple. I thought I was a Feminist. I thought I was independant and strong. Until I met him. I was forced to do things I never wanted. ANd I didn't even know it was possible, but I was one part of a long distance emotionally abusive relationship.

How's that for ridiculous?!

We dated for 2 months. Tried to stay friends (continuing the emotional abuse) for an extra 4.

He'd call me, screaming and degrading …

I’ve always been fascinated in how hearing a certain song can bring out such a flood of emotions and memories in people. How that song can take you back to that specific time and place. Whenever I hear Prince’s “When Doves Cry”, I immediately think of swimming at the lake the summer before my eighth grade year. Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative” always takes me back to when I was a freshman in college, doing the “running man” at frat parties. And whenever I hear Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”, I’m …

As I arranged the paper bags under the register, I heard a few groceries thump onto my conveyor belt. I stood up to meet eyes with that woman who had started coming in every day that I worked. The fluorescent light bouncing off the yellow shelves only accentuated how yellow her teeth were, but after she scribbled out a nervous check, she looked up at me as if I was more tempting than the half pound of potato salad she was paying for. No one had ever …

I was with my boyfriend for 1 year. It was one of the most amazing things that had ever happened to me. He was so sweet and kind and had such a way with words every time he wrote to me my heart would melt. He was truly everything to me. I loved he with every atom in my body and soul. I loved him more every time I saw him. Every time he spoke to me. Every time he held me to him or kissed me I felt my …

We dated a short time a decade ago. In spite of the rest of my life crumbling apart before me: business failing, unable to afford a place of my own, going back to waiting tables, thanks to her I had the time of my life.

Although we had only been dating a couple of months, we did what any lesbian couple would do: pack up the U-Haul and move me in to her place!

What a 30th birthday.

We did have …

Although I’ll never know for certain, my husband, Jim, was probably at his desk on 94th floor of 1 World Trade Center when the plane came crashing into his life, briefly, and into mine, permanently. On that day and for so many days after, I felt suspended in time. My past was gone and I couldn’t imagine a future.

First I surrendered to the grief. I stopped eating. Then I tried drinking but found that booze doesn’t mix with acid reflux. I considered drugs but hadn’t a clue as …

Tired of being alone and feeling unloved, I searched for someone I thought would love me. Met a guy, tricked myself into thinking it was love. How naive I was. Over a year of cries, lies and emotional abuse before I finally told him fuck you, and I haven't looked back since.

The paper slowly turned black out of the small ball of orange. Every piece of the embossed, carefully calligraphied, 15-piece wedding invitation was reduced to 27,000 pieces of small embers as tears rolled down my cheeks. He wanted me to know that he was to start his life with another woman than me. I watched as the ashes swirled around the sink and eventually went down the drain. The ache in my heart was still there.

One date led to another and we decided our future was together. The date for our union was set, and all plans complete. His unexplained absences replaced cordial conversation with arguments, then screaming matches. Then silence. Cancelled all plans, threw away invitations and packed his things. His truck was filled while no words were exchanged. He left the key on the table to the lock which had already been changed.
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