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We both knew
knew what the other person was doing
yet we both continueddoing it
and didnt speak of it

he was the first to do so
i knew he was cheating but couldnt face it
all my freinds told me it was true
and some even brought profe
so instead of breaking if off right there and then
i still loved him,so i tryed to play the same game

i started to cheat, and he knew it
he did speak of it,knowing what i knew
know …

I was always the one to watch
i watched people screw up there lives
i watched people fall in love
fall in hate and also fall into a spiral
i was always the one watching
never the one living

one day this changed
one day all of a sudden
i was the one living
i owe this change to him
i soon fell in love,screwed up my life and fell in hate
all happened so fast

i fell in love
he was the one,my only
i never …

Ive know this boy my whole life
he was my saftey net
i knew he would always be the best friend
always ready to step up to the plate
when im feelin down or even mad
he would always some how find me and just sit in
silence untill i asked why he was there

'because im pretty sure is my job to make sure my sarah is okay & is safe'
and everytime after that i never asked why but instead when i finally turned to him,he …

You were my childhood
you were 4 i was 1
bonded by the fact you were my first friend
my first crush, my first kiss
i miss those days more then you know
i want my bestfriend back

know we are all grown-up
everything has changed
you grew-up and the girls soon followed
ive watched u love,ive watched you hurt
i always had a word to say and you always thanked your childhood friend

so i sit here hoping,praying that maybe
just maybe im getting my childhood friend …

Okay so he called me beautiful
so he called me the one
he said i was wonderfully perfect
and that i must be a angel
that he was gunna prove to me that there not all the same

he promised that he would never hurt me
that he would always have my side
how i could spill my soul to him
and never have any doughts
about his love
and him being faithful

so he says he is one day goin to
prove to me how mutch …

The car comes screeching to a halt. My mom screams at my Dad to get out of the car. An 18-wheeler speeds by to our left, his loud horn makes me jump, hitting my head on the cold metal ceiling of the Toyota. My Dad, in his drunken belligerence, screams incoherently back. I am four years old and sitting in my favorite seat in the car, in between Mom and Dad. He reaches through me as if I’m not there and grabs my mom’s throat. She leans back and hits …

Anger under construction
Tension bulging the walls
Yet another day
In a house with so much potential
And so much unhappiness.

One super duty saw blade
To cut through the memories
One pounding hammer, a pointed claw
To break my sense of self
One whirring sander
To drown out the screams
One long screw
To twist deliberately, slowly
Through my heart
One sheet of drywall
To build a wall of lies
One box of ceramic tile
To lay me out square by square
One box of grout
To fill …

My ex boyfriend did a wonderful thing, he became my EX boyfriend.

Two years, ten months, twenty-three days. We were in love. We are in love. But you were the varisty football star and I was the band geek. It wouldn't have worked. Not when we were together. The high school ridicule would have shot down our relationship even more. Neither of us wanted it to end, but it needed to. I'm leaving in a few months. I'll be two thousand miles away. I will return for you. I am hopeful that I will get the chance to see you on …

He has always been there for me and now that i've changed schools everything has been a living nightmare.He's hiding something and everybody knows it.Yesterday I left him a message asking "is this where we say goodbye,is this where we end everything,they said our love was just a lie,were left with nothing." I let him know that i'm still his girlfriend and that he needs to start acting like it.And that even though I will love him forever that if it needs to be over then its over.His choice this …

I dreamt about you again last night,
we were sitting on the side of your futon bed,
I said, "we're not going to have this conversation again are we?"
You said things like, "I'm not good enough for you",
and "I need a break."
How do you take a break from four and a half years?

I have these dreams often and wake up afterwards
feeling like someone kicked me in the stomach.
In a way they are the best dreams I have,
because they remind …

Love is the dream that I wish to find, a dream I wish to know. This life that I have lived has not gone without it, but it took me a long time to know that it was there. But the love that I found belonged to the heart of family and the bonds of friendship, and it was not the light that would envelope my heart. And I still dream to find the arms to hold me still, hold me safe.

As these days unfold …

Still hearing from her year after year makes me want to lobotomize myself.

She's so beautiful. So incredibly beautiful that you would think I was crazy for leaving her. And if you only knew the experience of touching this woman, of coupling with her, you'd think I was some sort of a masochist for ever wanting to be apart from her. She's wonderful at what she does for a living, and as a barely compensated professional far from home, is still an idealist.

But the girl is unbalanced, …

My ex is an abusive man. he would abuse me and hit me and very controlling with me. he use to get mad at me for going out and getting the mail out of the box. he was so jealous that i was not even allowed to watch tv with out him asking who was there. he expected his dinner on the table and hot when he came home but i never knew what time he would be home so i would get thrown. i tried to keep peace with …

Except me.

i'm 18, i'm a girl, i'm tired of my friends telling me the boys are just intimidated, i'm tired of them complimenting me to make me feel better. it just makes me question the things they don't compliment, it makes me question their ability to see me with clear eyes.

if i could have one thing right now, i would want someone to sit down and tell me the honest, no-holds-barred truth: why am i not good enough to be wanted?

at least then i …

(I will use the present tense because he is still alive and, of course, still the same.)

When I met him the first time, I was surprised. After discovering him after, little by little, at the end of our journey, I was in total shock. It was hard to accept and find an explanation for reaching the final level of understanding: I knew he was alive, somewhere, but couldn’t believe at all I finally found him. And our encounter ended up in an overwhelming perplexity. Mine, of course, because …

The vengeful ex-wife. Maneater with appetite.

It was the summer of '73. I was 19, a freshman at McGill University in Montreal. I had joined a student exchange group to meet new people and practice my language skills. And then it happened. Her name was Katrina. She was tall, blonde and Swedish. And like a hot Sahara wind she tore into my safe and boring life and turned it upside down.
We''d met at a campus mixer. I'd seen her across the room, gorgeous long blone hair, a radiant smile that could …

October 4, 2008
Dear him:
Things were supposed to go back to us being friends but they didn’t. And I have to watch you. EVERY DAY. My heart is completely broken. When I first met you you put my heart back in my chest. Now you shatter it. I loved you...
Love, her

October 5, 2008
Dear him:
I cry and cry over you. I wake up screaming. It’s not fair for you to take it all from me. I can’t do this. It hurts too intensely. You …
October 4, 2008
Dear him:
Things were supposed to go back to us being friends but they didn’t. And I have to watch you. EVERY DAY. My heart is completely broken. When I first met you you put my heart back in my chest. Now you shatter it. I loved you...
Love, her

October 5, 2008
Dear him:
I cry and cry over you. I wake up screaming. It’s not fair for you to take it all from me. I can’t do this. It hurts too intensely. You …
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