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We started dating my junior year of high school, but it really started in seventh grade. Yes. Seventh grade.

I met her when I was in seventh grade in our ever-shrinking Catholic grammar school. She was the new girl in the class behind me. My class had 20 kids in it and hers probably had a few more. With a school that small anyone new has a strange mystique to them. We had all been together since at least the fourth grade, so …

A duplicitous liar and cheat. Enough said.

I haven't trusted anyone in a while. I don't think I could ever fall totally in love and when I think of the possibility, I see myself more as a character in a movie. It's abstract. When I start to write poetry due to the inspiration of some dude, I'll know it's love ..but I haven't found it yet and I don't know if I want to. I'll lose myself. I'll devote a part of myself that is totally not willing or ready yet. …

I was bearly 17 you were 30, I loved you more than life itself!! We met threw friends, I knew at first sight you were the one! We talked on the phone for hours about nothing. Two years later you said you needed your space...I cryed. I moved out into my first place you said we would still be togther, I got locked out of my place, I walked far to your place. I knocked, you answered...I saw her in the back round, I turned around and walked fast trying …

The last time Ayda cried, she was in my arms, but why should we seperate only because I was selfish, Let me change, I promise.

I should have used him for a sperm donor. Instead, I married him and made all our lives miserable. It took six years for a divorce and ten more after that before he finally took the hint and left town. The day he left was a day to celebrate until the police showed up at the door to let us know there had been an accident. Suddenly, he didn't seem so bad. Then the officer further explained that my ex had been drinking and driving …

How can they still occupy your mind after three years? Why does he float into your head when you have been going out with her the past 2 1/2 years? Don't you even wonder if he was the reason you distrust men so much that you are date women now? And why, if he's dating someone and you're dating someone (and he knows that!), does he still call you one day, out of the blue, to confess that he really did love you and what he had said that day …

by Amanda Joann Smith

Being the ex isn't always depressing. It's actually kind of nice sometimes.

My ex is that person I used to be, the Amanda who existed before attending college, signing for home loans, birthing two kids. Like many exes, mine is someone I both love and hate. She was imperfect, immature, had an enviable amount of non-responsibility, and she was a lot thinner. God, I miss her sometimes! Especially when I'm awakened by my two-year-old, screeching from the bathroom, "Mommy, …

Ex (a.k.a. the menacing weenie, metro-wanna-be, MW) can basically be summed up easily by several short descriptions of odd and annoying behaviors. He showered in our bathtub with dual faucets on his knees because it "feels good that way", he picked his nose obsessively while driving because he couldn't see me in the passenger seat, and he called men he did not know "boss man" and women "doll". Shall I say more? It makes me shudder thinking I spent three years with a jackass like that. I believe I was …

We met through friends and slept together the first day we met. We were inseparable for 2 years (on and of, natch) until one day he met someone else at IKEA. He broke it off one month after I got out of the hospital. I'll never get over him and he knows it.

I thought I found freedom in this relationship. He seemed fun loving. He was a great dad to his kids. He was a nudist. At first we had fun.

That did not last long, before he started to put me down. He would have nothing to do with my family or my friends. He had no tolerance for weaknesses of any kind.

I soon learned that the only friends, and I use that term lightly, were those …

Liked her at first. Liked her less. We broke up. She told everyone I was gay. Liked her a lot less.

I started dating my ex at the end of eighth grade. We’ll call him Tommy from now on. He was two years older than I was and because of the age difference, his friends at school gave him a hard time and that made me think we would never last. However, we were still together by the time he was graduating and going to college. We lived in Pennsylvania and he was going to college in Florida so over the summer, we decided we would just see what happened when …

It took eight months of pleading, to get back my things. A couple of my friends went to her apartment, and waited in the open doorway. Her towering bulk blocked the light as she shouldered down the narrow hallway, kicking aside cardboard boxes and piles of dirty clothes, hauling my lampshade, sleeping bag, and shopping bags of personal items. Like children seeing their father undressed for the first time, my friends stared at her boxers, mesmerized by their nostalgic duck-hunting motif. “Where’s Lynn?” my …

He was so charming. We were all fooled. Everyone in my family thought he was great.

I got pregnant. “Let’s name her Annabelle,” he insisted.
“That makes me think of a cow,” I replied.

He broke the news to my mom first, “We’re having a baby he said.”

“What are your plans?” my mom politely asked.

“I will support your daughter no matter what her decision,” he answered.


We got into a fight. I …

The end of the relationship is where this story begins

I've finally stopped crying every day for a month straight. I used to wake up in the middle of the night while he slept like a baby. I knew something was wrong, but sadly I let his charm win for quite some time. I let my libido suffer since he preferred to sleep beside me instead of sleep with me. I catered to his mood swings and was far too understanding. I had become …

I finally found the truth behind "it is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all." I found my other half, that ever so natural love that can consume you and grow even in solitude. I didn't have to be anywhere near him to feel him, I didn't have to hear his voice saying "I love you" to know he did, and I didn't have to be with him to know he was mine in every way. It was a love that …

Had I known who he really was, I wouldn't have let him know who I really was.

I sat there alone, with absolutely nothing. What was supposed to be a one time thing became a two years thing. He had a girlfriend and I wasn't into the whole relationship deal. But we fell in what I thought was love. Matthew and I were together for two years. I thought we were on good terms I thought everything was perfect. Matthew, his eight month old daughter, and I lived happily in San Diego. We both were doing very well at our jobs. His career was taking off, and …

Our relationship was dwindling, no wait, it had dwindled, but neither him nor I were ready to end it. At that point, the only thing that was mutual between him and I was our fear of tomorrow without one another or just plain stubbornness. Truthfully, it was both, who am I kidding? A day without him was so desired and yet so scary... I think if given a chance, he'd say the same.

And so one day, he calls me. He's panicked and I'm irritable and he doesn't …
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