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Most every guy I date either used me for sex or beat me. They would say that I should die or kill myself. They didn't treat me like I deserved to be treated. I stuck with them because at the time I couldn't see the wrong in this. A few friends would say oh he is so mean dump him. I would say he is only acting this way because you guys are around. Bruises become gashes and then me overdosing on pills and heroin. Then one day I was …

It is called an ex for a reason.. we were together for over a year and a half.. we were having problems so we broke up but only for like a week.. we still talked and hung out and everything. we got back together and we were together for two weeks and the jerk has the nerve to tell me that he wants to be with another girl.. they started dating the DAY AFTER.. after that long how can u just let someone go.. dont see how its possible.. none …

It all started out so normal; I was a shy girl who met an outgoing boy. Eventually, we married. Over the next ten years, our roles as husband and wife morphed into brother and sister. Inevitably, we divorced.
Then my ex-husband met another outgoing boy. They moved in together. Soon they became neighbors with me and my mom (who was battling stage IV lung cancer).
Eventually, I also met a boy, who thankfully prefers girls.
A few months ago, I, my mom, and my new boy celebrated …

Here without you, only in dreams.

My ex became my ex when I moved away. when I come back after 3 years he makes it seem that he cares about me & we were never apart, kisses me , takes me out , then 2 days later I see him holding hands & kissing another girl. Talk about heartbreat.

No, none were from TX. We'd had a major argument over the phone. Something about he didn't feel the need to call and let me know he'd be several hours late. I was pretty steamed and decided to show him! I called a girl friend, hired a sitter, got all "gussied," and before leaving I opened the Yellow Pages to Attorneys, underlined several names and left it by the phone. He got home before I did and when I walked in the Yellow Pages had been torn into thousands of …

Almost 9 months later, I still have everything he gave me in a box on the top shelf of my closet.

On New Year's Eve, my ex and I were over 100 miles apart. We hadn't seen each other since Christmas and things were pretty rocky. I had told him weeks before that he needed to treat me better. He needed to stop drinking so much and stop acting like it was a chore to see me. It didn't matter how much time I gave him, things just didn't …
My ex, is confusing. She wants me back, but wants nothing to do with me. She misses me, but doesn't want to see me. She wants to be together, but won't fight for it. She wants it to be "us", but it before it was HER and .....me..... I say it like this, because the only time it was "us" is when it was convenient. She would go off with other guys, go drinking with friends, go visit people and all this stuff without me. She wouldn't even tell me …

Where did you go? Why did you leave? Don't you know I'm fragile?

He's not exactly my ex; nothing was ever official. But when I had him, I had everything. He put me on a pedestal as if I meant the world to him. I fell hard, even knowing his reputation for being a player. I didn't care though. I was simply too naive to know what I was getting myself into. But he left; just like that. I'll never understand why, but for the longest time, I …

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. I look back at when I first met you, those last two weeks of summer. Just by your apparenace and style I thought you were the coolest kid i’d met. You were so unique and funny, and you were loyal. You had that edgy punk vibe that I am drawn too. I later learned that behind that rocker style, you were one of the sweetest guys I think i’ve ever met. I instantly felt like I could trust you with anything.
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The sweetest gift he gave me
Didn't come with a dsigner label
Nor on it price tag may be
It wasn't gifted warped
Or with a shiny bow
Not even in a fancy bag, packed
The sweetest gift he gave
Was an unintentional one
And astonishing as it was
I try to get rid of it with apathy
But holding onto a broken heart
Is a hard thing to do
Even if cracked from the start
But oddly I love it
This …

October 26,2005 I met him at The Crossroads. A small venue in New Jersey on a blank street. It was a bit cloudy outside but i'll never forget his face. The young, virgin love and endless introductions. He was playing that night in his band at the time. They were absolutly terrible but I pretended to enjoy it. Little did I know every song was about his ex- girlfriend. Who I seriously should've questioned. Throught out 4 years not only had he lied about the "virgin" aspect of himself but …

We married out of highschool, he worked at a power plant making agood life for me and 5 kids, one day one of his friends said "try this". And intelligents slowly faded away. After 13 years I took my kids back home and they have all grown-up to have a knowledge seeing what "trying this" will do to you. They have become good parents and workers, tend to thier family. I stressed respect for thier Dad from them, you don't have to like what he has become but love him …

At the therapist's office, where I had gone for two months alone, trying to make sense of where our relationship was, my ex and I walked in together, trying to put the relationship back to rights. It was our first couples' session. The therapist had barely asked three or four questions before she asked him, "How long was your father an alcoholic?"

The question took both of us by surprise. He had told me his dad drank, so I knew that, but he didn't dwell on it. I …

We had it all, 5 beautiful children, A once in a life time job at a plant down south, a beautiful home in a beautiful suburb 2 cars, his wife wanted him to love her, so content be a middle class wife and raise our children for a secessful future. We needed nothing from anyone. He just couldn't say "No" not to any woman, not to drugs. It was so hard to let that life go. Go back home, and settle. I think about it now and then, miss it, …
Love is messy, no wipes here.

Life offers men, would do it again...it's how I found zen.

College break, big mistake. Met him at school, broke my own rule, married a fool.Left him in 3, daughter on my knee, Florida went he.

Worked at the bank, my chess game stank, he was a crank. Stayed for awhile, then had a child, behind the scenes he had gone wild. Gone again in 3, son on my knee, karate for me.

Met next at work, he had a quirk, left as a jerk. 13 …

I always thought I could fix them, boyfriends. By solving their problems, I'd solve my own. After him, I realized I couldn't. He was bipolar, unstable, abused, unloved. I was alone, anxiety ridden, depressed. It was a match made in hell. Years of torment raged from his hands and mouth onto me. I put up with it for seven months. Not as long as some, but too long for me. He ran after my car as I drove away, my right eye black and nose bleeding. I saw him two …

“He’s cute,” I told my best friend, Karen, while we were standing in the commons area at school during break at the beginning of the school year. The guy was about six feet tall, 185 pounds, with an athletic build, and green eyes so bright that he always seemed to be smiling. His name was Nathan, and he was a junior while I was a mere sophomore. Although his family name was not the most reputable in our small town of Vernon, I didn’t care; I was …

Too bad I live a better life. You live in a shack in the bad part of town. I'm living the high life in the city. You're dating a cheap chick you picked up at the bar, and I've got my new handsome hubby at my every beck and call. You shouldn't have left me. You shouldn't have told me you didn't want me anymore. I was the best thing that you'll never have again. So long sucker, enjoy your crummy life.
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