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I had three boyfriends in Orthodox Jewish preschool. Jonathan Berry was my favorite because he had a red convertible car bed. Call me superficial, but I learned early on (from my mother) that a car indicates what's in a man's bank account. The added benefit of being with a Berry was that his mother packed the best Purim baskets, filled with quality Kosher cookies and Israeli chocolate. Plus, I got to ride his huge swing set weekly (this is a literal statement). One day, while …

She is at once all that exist. If I circumnavigated each synapse to synapse and lobe to lobe to the furthest of crevasses, I know I would see her image the same I did when I created this reality.
You can only look at a picture for so long before it begins to resemble a mosaic. Each individual tessera is imperfection to perfection, but why would perfection matter to someone like me?
Is perfection the scratched out lines?
Is perfection illegible handwriting?
Is perfection that moment that I finally raise …

I was cleaning out my car and I found a tool box I forgot I had.  I never liked this tool box.  The box itself had an awkward clamshell design.  The tools were stored in the top and bottom lids of the box and most of the tools would just fall out when I opened it.  I decided I didn’t want it and I threw it out.
One more thing about this tool box.  It was a gift from my ex-boyfriend. This made the decision to discard it even …


A blast from my window and glass on my bed,
was what forced me to do what I had started to dread.

“One last time and I’ll leave you alone forever,”
were the words that started this crazy endeavor.

“I just want to talk to you, like two grown adults”
I believed him, not thinking of the possible results

His car was parked just a few blocks away
Just a few minutes and I could go on my way.

I pulled next to his car and …

One year ago, a family moved into the house next door to a little curly haired blonde girl. This little blonde girl was lonely. Sure, she had freinds, and a sibling. But she wanted something more.
The family that moved next door had four children. One boy, and three girls.
One day, the little blonde girl was in her room when she heard talking downstairs. So, she walked down stairs, only too see the new neighbor boy and his youngest sister standing on the front porch. Her heart …

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Yes, I am escaping. When they say it, they act like the way a mother would when she sees her kid drunk for the first time. “You’re escaping.” Yes, I am. To be quite frank, I would rather not die. I would rather start over on earth than start over… wherever people go when they’re dead. What do I mean by this? I mean I have hit a wall. I haven’t quite hit rock bottom, but I have definitely hit a big ass wall.

My solutions were as follows: …

Happy birthday, lover.

Lover, you are next to me when the stars wrap us in a cashmere blanket and pierce the black chill.

Lover, as my heart flies up my throat, you take this shaking hand like it is yours because it is, and it will be until those stars fall out of the black and the blue and splash into the ocean, one by one, like the loose buttons on your pea-coat.

Lover, your eyes are a Vancouver skyline at midnight. Forgetting them would be forgetting …

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I’ve had only one true ex

The single individual with which I’ve had sex

Abashed to say in public, no

Our relationship bittersweet, taste buds would say so

We found our niche and clicked instantly

“Pudding”, “Sweetie” names I’d use, He’d reply, “Honey”.

Generous no one I met was more

Sincerely caring about world hunger, Big Brother to other countries children, numbering four

Finances, his thing, stock market too

Bond we still have though our interest rate dipped, commonalities grew fewRead more »

My Ex! We had a very rocky relationship which included friendship and dating, neither of us knew what exactly it was that we wanted but we had an unbelievable soul connection.

One time while living in the same city he had written in the condensation on the window of his apartment "Where R U? I need U!

I could not explain the urgent feeling, I could not call because he did not have a phone, but i dropped what I was doing and drove the 3o mins …

I met him in 8th grade. At that point and time, he swore up and down that he was gay. We became friends and one day he told me he liked me. I was stunned and I was desperate, so I told him I liked him back.That next day he asked me to date him in a bowling alley while i had gel-crunchy hair and a Slipknot t-shirt on. So we start dating and all the normal teenage goop happens. We kiss in the back of a movie theater, we …

You know those love stories about meeting The One and falling in love at first sight? This is one of those. It didn't work out.

It all started my first year of high school. I was a freshman, he was a senior. He was dark, mysterious, and taken. I was shy, quiet, and curious about him.

He had dark hair and dark eyes that seemed to hold secrets. He kept to himself and carried the scent of cigarettes and guy. He seemed older than everyone else, wiser. …

We never went out, we never hung out, but we were friends. It just took one simple smile, aimed straight for me, that made me fall, spinning head over heels. We had gone through elementary school together, even talked some, but it wasn't till the second day of middle school, in seventh grade, that we first really connected. He and I shared the same bus stop. We traded some secrets and gradually I felt his smiles were more than just friendly. I was so far gone, I couldn't have been …

I remember things I wish I didn't,
then again every place is a reminder,
every photo jogs my mind,
I heard you're doing well,
I do wish you the best,
Despite your lies.

I feel like being with you created another me, or maybe my soul was split in two when my heart began to love. I don’t think we were made to have as strong of feelings as I had for you. It causes distress and perversion. It destroys.
I couldn’t be happy without being sad. I don’t know how that could make sense, but that’s how it was. It’s still true sometimes. Or maybe it’s simply that happy just doesn’t exist, at least not the happy that people always dream …

WAS an insecure guy who always verbally put me down.and cheated on my from the very beginning. actually i didn't know that i was his first cheet . i had no idea he was still seeing this particular girl .he told me they broke up long ago.she continued to o follow him even after our marriage . he had lots of excuses for her following him all of which i fell for. i eventually realized he was cheating with his boss an elderly lady who he …

Most every guy I date either used me for sex or beat me. They would say that I should die or kill myself. They didn't treat me like I deserved to be treated. I stuck with them because at the time I couldn't see the wrong in this. A few friends would say oh he is so mean dump him. I would say he is only acting this way because you guys are around. Bruises become gashes and then me overdosing on pills and heroin. Then one day I was …

Most every guy I date either used me for sex or beat me. They would say that I should die or kill myself. They didn't treat me like I deserved to be treated. I stuck with them because at the time I couldn't see the wrong in this. A few friends would say oh he is so mean dump him. I would say he is only acting this way because you guys are around. Bruises become gashes and then me overdosing on pills and heroin. Then one day I was …
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