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Every past relationship chopped away at my heart, soul, and self-esteem until it got to the point where I didn't believe in love anymore. Each guy seemed to care only about himself. I was always more in love with them than they were with me. I might as well have been the landfill for liars, cheaters, and manipulators. The abuse was never physical, but it might as well have been. I still have scars and I'm sure I always will. I settled for less than I …

I had a best friend and a boyfriend in one person.
i had another best friend on the side.
turns out that best friend and my boyfriend were having relations behind my back.

i love my two best friends and a boyfriend.

Started dating in High School. One month and he was hooked. He chased me for two years before I finally agreed to be with him forever. Too young, but married him anyway. Thought love would get us through it all. Now I know that "ex" is just a nice word for PRICK.

Two years of marriage, problems start having an impact. It's discussed, but he's only willing to go to ONE marriage counseling session. What good does that do? Separate, but get back together saying we'll work on things. …
He was the love of my life. My high school sweetheart. The man I planned to grow old with. We weathered life and got married. But we got busy and he ignored me while I hurt and I ignored him while he buried himself in work. I cheated. I wish I hadnt. He's gone now. My family doesnt know it was my fault. They think he abandoned me. They dont know i deserved to be left. He wasn't a bad man... just immature and inattentive. I needed to be …

He was a silent one. Scared of me I suppose. I really believe that he only said about 20 words to me. I broke up with him through MySpace.
I wish we still talked.
We broke up with a final statement of, "So is that it? Are we done?"
Astonished, I walked away crying, sat in the grass in silence, and heard a whisper: "Please say something."
All I could say was, "You're breaking my heart in a million pieces. I don't know what you want me to say. There is nothing to say."
You asked me what I was thinking and what I wanted. In response I told you it didn't much matter what I wanted because you …

I spent hours trying to think of what to write for this. doing so made me remember all the stuff you put me through and how naive i must have been to think you truly liked me and regret how much i let u strew me on. breaking up with you was the best thing to happen in my life. 15 and and after what felt like years, finally over you.

All he wanted was sex. i said no and broke up with him...yay me!
I'm dating someone who used to be an ex. Two years in between dating sessions, and now we're hopelessly in love, and ready to get married. Neither of us had a truly succesful relationship after we broke up, and now we're going to college together. Fate brought us together, and we're meant to be together forever.

He was my first everything. First kiss, to well, you know. All in a matter of 5 months. 3 years we were on an off. Finally ended because he's having a kid. I'm glad its not my kid.
He loved me and helped me through dark times and I can't thank him enough for that.
He also took my trust and threw it back in my face when he forced himself on me. He made me cry when he cut himself because I needed to heal after …

Was the man I should have married.

"You would be perfect,
If you were just not quite yourself"
We say in unison
face to face
armed to the hilt with subjective logic
standing on moral ground
I miss the idea of you
lingering in my mind
a half formed thought
sometimes if I sit still enough
I can still feel the concept
of the perfection of our connection
but when I blink all is lost in the reality of humanity
the flawed indifference
or perhaps
the decisive defiance
the images that I once heldRead more »

I promised her forever, and she promised the same. Turns out, all I got was a forever wondering how it could be so easy for her to walk out on me, a forever hoping she would realize her mistake, and thankfully, a forever knowing that her walking out was the best thing that ever happened to me. I've never been happier. I just wish I could thank her.....and possibly get that ring back.

Chapter I
I loved him, loved him more than I ever have or ever will love anyone. He didn't care that I lived in a trailer, didn't care I was living in poverty with my Mother and 5 siblings, didn't care I would never be able to give him my most prized possession,my virginity and not because I didn't want to but, because at the tender age of nine an Uncle decided to take it for him. It's strange how we oversee the obvious when love tugs at …

He stands, a brown fir

Who used to be green, frost came

sight unseen, limber


It's cold and colder

still, my love's a loveless chill

My heart yells timber.

Unless you have mad cash, chances are that you’re living in a pretty small space, maybe even one room, and getting on each other’s nerves. Take my marriage. We shared a duplex with a lease in my name. The bedroom was up top and overlooked the living room. That meant no privacy. Aside from my ex-husband’s violent temper, lack of motivation and pot-smoking, the fact that we were constantly in each other’s way drove us both mad.

One night we took hammers to each other’s computers. When I …
Once upon a wonderful crued Awakening.

I'm an atheist
He's a Christian
We were in love
didn't want it to end

The night he told me
he could never marry me
I cried and
kissed him for the last time

First kisses stop the heart
Last kisses burn the skin.

He was a beautiful asshole. Everything he said was funny. Living with him was like listening to some sort of social commentary newscast 24/7 but with real-live cigarettes to set the mood. He never said "hate" or even "don't like" but he'd tell anyone who'd listen (and nobody had a chance since he talked so loud) how much he didn't care for strawberry ice cream or Chesterfield county.

Douglas Adams once wrote that humans have to keep their mouths moving or their brains start working. When he, that …

It was a couple of days before Thanksgiving. I thought I had found a man that was sent from heaven as an answer to my prayers. He even said the same thing. I can bet the day I prayed that prayer, God had taken the day off and left someone else in charge. I met the man I would eventually marry outside my apartment. I was going to let my dog out, and before I realized it, she slipped out. He was across the street talking to someone else and …
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