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I'm over it, so no need to keep it posted...

I have had so many exes, Its hard sometimes to keep track of at what time period I dated one or the other. You see, I am still quite young, 21 to be exact. And I already am married with two kids. I think I needed to get all that dating out of the way so I could meet my fabulous husband at a young age and spend as much life together as possible.
But on the topic of exes and not my fabulous husband, I must …

Let's take things back to the halls of junior high. You know the scene: mirrors in lockers, LLBean backpacks, and not a child over 5 foot. As children, we had trouble passing eachother in the halls, so the gods of the office marked our paths with colored tapes, to remind us what voice volume was appropriate. Crossing those lines were the worst of our worries.
Love. Dating. Relationships. At twelve years old, we thought we were ready for them, yet most of us couldn't even spell them on our …

I loved him within a week. His name was Christian and he lived on Gentile Street. He never found that as amusing as i did. We were together for a while. We were planning our life together.

We had a fight over text, it was over something i cant even remember about. We never talked again. I had no closure.

I'm over it now, but it took double the time our relationship was. I often still think …

Penny found a shiny cent
when cash flow was a trickle.
I tarnished in her fist, unspent
until she found a nickel.

It started in Precalculus Honors, or so he says. He jibed at me for my pencils and sushi eraser. I hated him. I hated him for his arrogance, his disdain, his rudeness. All the while he was smitten by my stellar light speed math skills. Yes, I know how to win those jock boys. It took six months of future awkward encounters and chance meetings before we started dating . I left for Mexico and transformed before the eyes of my high school. …

He was my first everything,and i loved him but i hated being his mother, maturing while he did not, we were moving at different levels, and sometimes i was ashamed of him. I met my current boyfriend while we were together and i did not want to cheat on him so i broke up with him and immediately hooked up with my current boyfriend. I kept going back to my ex though, i didn't want to be his girl but i didn't want to let him go, and when i …
When we first met, I was young (13? 14 maybe?) and niave. He was cute and just dangerous enough to make him go from an almost effeminate beautiful to downright sexy. 3 Months later I found out he was more than just a little dangerous. He had contacts that could get him any info he wanted. He now knew where I lived, my home and cell phone numbers, and a picture of me. 3 months later, he was threatening my boyfriends. A year after that he threw knives at my …

This boy was my world. My life. He was there when everyone walked away. . .but when I started to pick my life back up. He walked away.

He was amazing. The person I always wanted. He would know how to listen and hold my hand. He did whatever I wanted. I would sing horribly with him when he sung amazingly. We would dance in parking lots while all our friends laughed at us. Being with him everyone knew that we were so amazingly happy. Everyone thought that it …

There were 4. Now, looking back, they were pathetic. I have surpassed them all.

And no, you can't be my on my friends list on Friendster or MySpace. :P.

My wife left becuase she said I made her a bad person. She just had to do terrible things to me. She cheated on me while she was pregnant. And after. She had a affair with my coworker that is old enough to be her father. She lied non stop, picked fights, and destroyed our home and family. I still miss her. The person she could have been. Some days I still want her back. I think that I could forgive …

He ended it by saying, "I want to be promiscuous." I ended it by saying "Good luck.".

Jeremy and I.
I loved him, so very much.
We were together for 3 months. I fell hard and fast...
He stopped talking to me for 3 weeks.
I was terrified.
He told me he used me.
I still loved him.
He told me he used me to get back at his girlfriend, the one he had before and while he was with me.


My X had a temper. Everything else was GREAT.

Of course she was pretty, but I fell in love with her because she moved like an angel. To be honest she must have been. There is no other explanation or theory as to how she moved in such a manner. I would purposely hide things from her in order to watch her move. When she would catch on that I hid what she was looking for she would smile, but never say much. However, I was not warned that if you continue to tease an angel they will …

I can't believe the picture perfect athlete ended up being a dropout pothead who left me for a tranny. I'd like to believe he thinks about the chance he missed out on when he had me.
I lost weight but he will always be a waste of space.

Kiss Kiss.

When i first met him I hated him; He loved me.
When he went out with my best friend he became a better friend than her.
As their relationship slowly died, we flirted; to the extreme.
When he dumped her he loved me again; I just wanted friendship.
He went away for a month; I fell in love with him.
He came back and didn't love me anymore.
The other day i told his ex that he felt me up while they were going out; She hates me.
He found …

December 31, 11:00pm. I knew he was going to kiss me tonight when it was twelve and my stomach did a little flip flop. I looked over at him and smiled shyly..he smiled back, he knew what i was thinking about. My first real kiss ever and I was counting down the minutes until it would happen. Time was moving so slowly, I wanted to just reach over and kiss him so many times to get it over with but I was way too nervous.

It was almost time. …

When he gave me the engagement ring I knew we would never get married, he didn't deserve me.. and he knew it also.. but the sex was great.. I never loved him, I loved sexing him.. 3 months later I knew he was cheating but I never said anything because I didn't care.. I was cheating too.. but when the sex went downhill I finally put him out... I know of the girl he is with now.. she loves him and he still begs me to take him back... I …

Right about now, if the airline is actually running on time, one of the most significant people of my adult life is rising into the atmosphere in a tube of metal and gasoline, en route to his next adventure.

He's moving to Trieste, up in Italy's crotch, to teach english.

I think everyone may have someone like this in their lives, or they will. He was the person who shared (and instigated) the most profound joys as well as the blackest pits of despair for the last 7 …
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