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But who would put someone through that in high school.
from best friends to lovers back to best friends...
and now i dont exist to you
i miss you.
i miss my best friend more than anything.
and i know youll regret it when i go so for your sake...
p.s. ill bring cake i promise :).

We met 3 years ago through his cousin. He was everythign I had ever wanted, yet he had some bad points like drinking to much. Well I was "so in love" that I thought he would change. We ended up getting married in June 2006. In November I found out I was pregnant. He was excited yet not. March we found it was a girl. Then he left me. Said he just couldn't be married anymore. He threatend to sign his rights away to our daughter and even questioned if …

I crushed anything we could have had.

He was a Romeo Boy: Sweet, cute, willing to bend over backward for me. He bought me my first and only red rose, he bought me chocolates compulsively. He watched Stardust with me, dealt with my parents, and talked with me for endless hours on the phone about nothing. He seemed like the perfect, amazing guy-just not for me. And I knew it from the start.

I am compulsive, open, and sometimes emotionally unstable. What this sweet Romeo boy saw in …

Mk, so I'm 14. I know it sounds young, but in this town, you grow up fast. I ruined my entire life for a guy who wasn't worth it one bit. and I think i knew that from the minute it began.
I had two best friends this year, Tiffany and Ashley. Ashley had been dating this guy Leo since November and they were totally obsessed with eachother. Tiffany had dated a guy Andrew from last June till this March. Everyone knows Tiffany isn't exactly faithful, she cheated on …
He lied and decided not to tell me he was moving until two months beforehand. But if he hadn't left me I never would have found my true love. The irony is not lost on me.

He broke my heart and told everyone I was a crazy bitch, he didn't anticipate his best friend falling in love with me. All I have to say is thanks.

It was college love, and he was a good old boy from missouri. Laying on hay and watching the stars, running through cornfields and drinking moonshine. He was a dream for a city girl like me. We dated for over a year and he was a real gentleman, and the culture shock made for great chemistry. I learned how to ride a tractor and shoot a gun. He learned about bar hopping and catching cabs.

I just didn't know there was another girl in the picture... at the same …

Its been 3 years and 6 months since i have last saw his face or have even talked to him. You would figure after that long he would fade away into black.Sadly it is not quite like that. He is the Romeo to my Juliet and i think about him every day. He loved and left me. He left me standing alone in a parking lot in downtown. Yet i can never seem to stop thinking about him. I wish i could forget about him, but he just stays. Popping …

We were friends at first. He had his girl at the time. We started to get close, and he told me the "Lips of an Angel" song, was our song.
[I can make a mixed tape of every song he said is "our song"]
He started to have problems with his girlfriend. Finally, they were over. We grew so much closer.
For his birthday we went to see his favorite band, and he ended up asking me out that night.
A dream come true, I swear.
I …

We met in high school and loved each other for four years, but ultimately, she chose her friends over me. I gave up everything for her, including my chances at a career right out of college, but she refused to do what was right for us when we started to go under.
I'm living comfortably and she can't pay any of her bills. At first, it ate me up inside, but now, I'm happy.
I just hope that I can find a man that I love as much …

I decided to go out with my friend's Step-Brother. I figured it would make us closer, have fun and all that jazz. When I found out that he liked me, I was in heaven. A few months later she came up to me (No names due to Embarassment) and looked nervous. "What?" I asked her. "Uh...I slept with your boyfriend." It took me a hot minute to realize what she said.

I immediately tried to hold back tears and anger. "WHAT?" was all tha could come out my mouth. …

I loved him. I was a virgin when I meet him, I gave him everything. I did lots of crazy things for him. He was older than me by 5 years. I was just 14. We went out for one year and four months. Than he cheated with some bitches from the corner, you know what kind of girls I'm talking about,in other words, he didid't valued me.
But I forgaved him. Because I loved him. 2 weeks later he did it again. I broke up with him. One …

I loved him. I was a virgin when I meet him, I gave him everything. I did lots of crazy things for him. He was older than me by 5 years. I was just 14. We went out for one year and four months. Than he cheated with some bitches from the corner, you know what kind of girls I'm talking about,in other words, he didid't valued me.
But I forgaved him. Because I loved him. 2 weeks later he did it again. I broke up with him. One …

He was exotic: he thrilled the class with stories of his junkie, artist mom in New York City and angry, outlandish dad from some pacific island, all in that soft accent from nowhere in particular. He was gorgeous in a way no one else in the small-town southern school was, and he caught my eye immediately.

I was an artist and a bookworm, a writer with a group of good friends and a clear place in the structured high school society. I had known everyone in that place since …

It's difficult to know where to start. I met Michael a little over 3 years ago and knew at once that he was absolutely the person for me. When I saw him everything blurred but he stayed in sharp focus. I fell in love then and there and have yet to stop. For a while things were perfect, like a faerie tale, but he got bored. I could see it and all I could think to do was to hold on tighter. From then on, our relationship was a roller …

Mine didn't love me as much as I loved him. I knew better than to stay. I did anyway. I was threatened, punished, and all in the name of love that was a frail and dying as a wax depleted candle.
I finally gave up. I gave up on us, and worst of all on myself.
Then he wants me back? Why? He's told me to my face that he does not love or trust or respect me, that I am unattractive, and that I barely qualify as a girl.Read more »

We'd been friends for eight years. He'd spent the first few months of our acquaintanceship (when we were teenagers) sort of smitten with me, but past that it was platonic-a-go-go. He was one of those guys, the ones that you think, yeah, he's a great guy - how come I'm not attracted to him? I wasn't. Not an inch. Not a sliver. Nothing.

And then somehow, one day, when the rest of my life was in complete chaos there he was. All …

He was pretty - and intelligent. He was also dating someone else. He could listen, and watch silently. He held my hand when I was too proud to ask. He knew how to wait for it. He waited, sleeping naked next to me for months before I let it happen. Before I could do it: and then I did. My legs and my heart opened for him. I loved it. He saved my life and taught me how to love again …

I met Brian at my cocktail party. He was the first person to show up, and the one I dated for over six years. I was drawn to his interest in the arts, his willingness to converse, and his many opinions.
A working-class New Jersey boy with a salesman’s sensitivity to feelings, mostly his own, Brian also suffered. His youthful temper outbursts had earned him the nickname “The Bomber.” He complained about a battery of health issues, including a bad back. Among Brian’s harmless obsessions, he rhapsodized about the …

I remember my first ever relationship, it was when I was 4 and living in Germany. He was a 6 year old Polish chap. He taught me how to tie my shoe laces and substituted sand for snow when Winter wasn't cold enough. He was a gentleman by birth.

Yet all my ex did was print me a letter for Valentines saying he'd rather save his money but wishes me well anyway. Needless to say, he didn't even bother giving it to me himself.
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