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We were sitting in the coffee shop across the street from the building we had an eleven o’clock appoint at. It was ten-thirty. We sipped coffee.
“Look at that,” she said.
She pointed at a painting on the wall. It was a painting of two white elephants grazing in lush grass; several hills were in the background. The hills were green like all hills should be.
“I like it,” she said; “it’s nice.”
“It’s nice.”
“Where do you think they are?”
“The elephants, the white …

I had been dating this guy for about a year when he asked me to marry him. The next day he had to leave for Basic Training for the military. He only had to be gone 3 months. Well when he left everything was great it was like he was still home even tho he wasnt. Hed call me any time he could and write me letters almost everyday. Well it comes the last month before hes due to come home and everything just stops. No letters, No calls, no …

My six-word memoir on this subject: "Eleven months; still want you back."
I could elaborate, and maybe sometime I will.

What can a woman say when she is wooed by a young man 15 years her junior? I just thought of how good it felt at the time as I was recently divorced from my ex-husband of twenty-five years. The sex was great, the conversation limited to present happenings and the struggle with my feelings was enormous. I thought if I gave in to my emotions I would be sorry in the end but I succumbed to his happy-go-lucky manner and gentle heart. Time went by, …

I dated this girl for a year and a half. I was in love with her, and she was the one who took my virginity. Then she decided it would be best for our relationship if we went of a break. That night was the best, and worst, night I've ever had. We made out, and made love like never before, and like we never will again. It's been months, and I have yet to even talk to her about "us." All I have left are the memories from …

My cel phone did an impromptu jig on the coffee table. I'd set it on vibrate, earlier in the day, and had forgotten to take it out of silent mode. It danced again. I sat my book down next to it, picked it up and read the readout. I didn't recognize the number. I glanced up at the clock above the television. 11: 06. Who the hell would be calling me at this hour? A cold feeling in my chest made me flip it open.


"Hi, Dave." …

The silent hush. The no-one-can-bring-it-up-unless-I-do-first sort of silence. She tiptoes around playing girlfriend back home in the country that her boyfriend is keeping free.

She sheds her identity and takes on his as she keeps up with his family and work matters. During the day, she hosts fundraisers for the care packages she prepares for his unit overseas.

At night, she reads about his battle in the margins of the newspaper because Britney and Lindsay dominate the headlines. She watches …

Even after all he’s put me through I still can’t walk away. He’s like my addiction, a drug addicts fix. I’ve loved him for four years, why can’t I just forget him? Just cut him out of my life. It bothers me that I’m so attached, and that I can’t break away. We always say we’ll just be friends, but we don’t know how. We only know how to love each other, and when loving someone hurts so much it becomes a burden. So what’s my alternative? I love him …

She was playing with a blue Sharpie marker one night and drew a small star on my right wrist, just below my pulse-point. Almost 9 months later, and 2 months after we ended it the final time, I got a blue star tattooed to my wrist. I didn't do it for her. I did it for me, and everything I learned from our relationship. Strength, Determination, and Unconditional Love. I had the strength to survive 9 months of constent on-and-off. I had the determination to make it through even the …

This is the story of my not so exish Ex's.
I was fat, Now I am not, and my life was saved by a rockstar.
When I think about Ex's a few things come to mind. One that I was late bloomer with a raging nypho inside who couldnt get out because I was the fat pretty girl. Two that after I lost the weight a rockstar saved my life by letting the nypho out to play. And three that all my ex's are actracted …

He was more than what I had bargained for and cheaper than gas three years ago. I could never say or do the right thing. All MY hard earned money went directly into his bank account and he never even bothered to pay the bills with my name on them. Emotionally, physically and mentally he hurt me in every way possible. He made me work my fingers to the bones just to get those last pennies in his bank account. I had two full time …

It was the first seriuos boyfriend that i ever had. read too much into flattery and the basic lies that humans could say to each other. I gave him my virginity in the back of a van... my parents' van. He gave me an STD. He cried when i broke up with him, that was the third time he did in our short 2 month relationship. He got another girl pregnant within 4 months of me saying good bye. Its been 2 years and every once in a while he …
A year and a half after he broke up with me, he still had the audacity to imply that he cheated on me. To make it better he cheated on me with the girl he is currently dating; his best friend whom he assured me he didn't find attractive. Huh?!

Straight girl; Me.
Lesbian girl; Her.
I fell in love ,
she loved another; away in iraq,
but slept with me while astray.
I gave her my heart.
She never loved me from the start.
I did all that I could,
but it wasnt good enough.
I couldnt take care of her,
I couldnt buy her the world.
She left.
Boot camp.
I dated another.
She slept with her bunkmate.
Kept in touch.
Came back and fucked me again.
Screwed up my relationships,
Broke my heart to pieces.Read more »

I loved him more then anything, I thought he loved me. I was there for him, 3am phone calls to tell me his pain were normal. And then he tells me he still loves the ones that treated him badly, the ones that fell for other people. Then came the 'I love you but am not attracted to you.' I still don't know what that means.. We don't talk anymore, I lost my best friend, and who I thought was the love of my life. It's over and done, goodbye …

I was your best friend growing up. You were my first love. She was some girl you met in high school, but she erased all our history anyway. You said we could never be over, you said that we would come back to each other, now you say nothing at all. When I told you we needed to speak now or never again, I though you would have said something - maybe I didn't know you as well as I thought. I needed you that year. I thought I was …

I dreamt about you last night. Dreamt that I was in your arms, against your bare chest, my hands feeling your muscles expand and contract as you adjusted yourself on top of me. I had secretly gotten away from the group--I was supposed to be in a meeting--but I snuck out to see you. They all knew where I was going. There doesn't seem to be such things as secrets. Just things that people don't talk about.

These dreams of you haunt me; they're pervasive. My mind is held …

It's funny that my whole life I wished for love, to fill me up, to make me feel complete. Grab a shovel and fill my emptiness with the earth of another. And I think when you first meet someone and fall in love, you feel like the emptiness is gone, but no...soon the earth settles and there is still an empty space there. Then what?

It's also interesting that my whole life I longed for the love of my life, for ROMANCE. Little did I know that most of …

Wishes he would fight for me and our relationship that we have. Why can't he see that i'm his soul mate and that he let the best thing that ever happened to him go. Why couldn't he say i want to make it work with you. The three little words i long to hear him say never came and i left that state with a broken heart. If only he could see me now would he say it or would he let me walk out of his life for …

Our love was perfect, but not porn-perfect. He searched for that while I slept. While he was unemployed. While I considered cheating on him. After I left him. After he married her. And probably now that he still tells me how wonderful it was when we were together.
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