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It started out in the dark nights of my teens, before I even realized it, before I was even open. I was wrapped up in a dire situation, one that was slowly draining all of the life out of me. And somehow, at the end of it all, when I was feeling unrepairable, I found him.

Him being my ex... of almost three months now. Once upon a time the maybe love of the rest of my life, the other end of each breath I took for the …

There I was. It was High School, the year 2003. I was a quiet teenager, finding comfort in my solitude. I had a few dude friends that I would consort with, but was entirely too shy to ever approach a girl. I was plopped into an Ecology/Geology class due to a scheduling mishap, and there was no escaping it. Great. It's bad enough it was only third period early in the morning, but it was even worse considering the subject matter. Rocks? Dirt? I didn't really care.

I was …

Hands touch, eyes meet
Sudden silence, sudden heat
Hearts leap in a giddy world
He could be that boy
But I’m not that girl

-“He Could Be That Boy”
from the musical Wicked

It was fall of my freshman year in college. I hadn’t dated much, just to the big dances like Prom, when I was a convenient ask for one of the science guys I hung out with. Between my junior and senior years in high school, my parents and I moved to Eau Claire, WI, …

by Mo Rogoff

Home to empty house, feed hungry self, I’m still empty, retreat to couch, close eyes. By 8:30, I surrender, lock up for the night, and go to bed.
At 10PM I wake in fear, positive a large man has broken in and is sitting next to me on the side of the bed. Staring at me as I sleep. I wake myself by talking out loud, trying to find the right stance and tone of voice to persuade the intruder to go.
I use …
Everybody has a soul don't you.
She will always be The Ex. Every story i've told or written since has been a story about Her. I drink and think of her, I screw and think of her, I drive and think of her. It's been three empty, quiet years and all i know is that i haven't been the person i was since.

which I know is a lie, because i was a pissant then. It was a shoddy love, a teenage love, and I was over-optimistic and over-dedicated. Read more »

This is me. Spilling my guts on my ex from almost 10 months ago that i still miss. Still see every time i turn the corner. Still regret not telling him how i felt when it could have changed my life. Im 14. And i believe he would have changed my life even more than he already has, but differently. I hope in my dreams that it would have been for the better.

Please dump her. Come back to me. Pick me. Love me. Choose me.
I chose you. …

I was what the ever so popular cliche says, "Head over heels."
Oh, but how stupid was I to do so...
We were best friends from the day we were introduced. Best friends who told each other everything, someone whom I could confide in and trust.
Like my brother.
Everyone claimed we should have gone out from the day we met. We thought otherwise. The awkwardness would have been unbearable to withstand.
He had always had a "secret crush" on me. It was definitely no secret …

It’s been about two years since I’ve heard from you. Three years since you left, and by now, almost no one at work remembers you and I. Hospitals cycle doctors every couple of years, names are forgotten more quickly than you’d expect. But stories linger, whispers in your old ER about what you did before you left, or were fired, or whatever the truth actually was.

I wonder every once in a while, what happened to you? You’re not on Facebook. Nothing on …

Beth is my younger sister by eighteen months. As a child she was shy and lacked self confidence. Her abusive rat bastard husband saw these traits and capitalized on them. Broken nose, broken arms, broken spirit, fifteen years. She never told anyone, but we knew. "The car door hit me in the face"..."I slipped and fell down the steps"...but the most chilling of all..."when you do stupid things, you pay the price". She somehow believed it was her fault.
They met after I moved away. They came to …
I was 13 years old. He was my first: love, Partner, kiss, fight, sex, embarrassment, loss, jerk, fling, sex with-and- myself being the 'other woman', experience with real life, fairy-tale.

He was everything and nothing. Please do not ask me if I would do it all over again, because I do not know. I struggle with that idea every so often.

We began talking online, through AIM and he remembered me solely out of a group of girl friends. We stopped talking after when I checked with him …

We met at a party my first weekend in college. i saw him again at a battle of the bands. he mooned me on the way there and dropped me in the mosh pit. went back to his place with everyone, stayed in living room with him to listen to music. then i never left. he cried when he told me he loved me. i pulled him in the shower with his clothes on. we loved god and respected our bodies. i had never felt so comfortable with someone before...i …

Crush on him; we became friends. he liked me(?!); i liked him. asked me out, i said yes. we were awkward; making it work? i dumped him because nothing happened. he liked me more than i, him. and another guy was distracting, anyway. now, trying to be friends: awkward.

I don't miss him, but I'd like to think he's kicking himself for letting me "get away".

I dated Andres from Torino, Italy out of boredom. He was cute enough, spoke very little English, and expected nothing of me. Really, according to my friend Tina, the perfect man, "...calm and dumb."
His three most outstanding traits both attracted and repulsed me; vacuum sealed jeans, overt public displays of fornication, and the ability to say the wrong thing.
The first time I took him home he became very excited. I walked over to see what had piqued his interest. Andres was standing over a framed …

I swear, I won't make you give up your guy time. I thought we were just hanging out and seeing where this goes? I am not asking you to quit partying. What exactly does "grippy" mean? I do like football - and I like to be around you. What is your issue? I should've seen this coming. Are you scared? You coward! A text message? Let's play it cool "for a minute" you say. I guess I'll talk to …

Thanks a lot, dude :).

We fell in love the moment we met. The first handshake was electric. I thought I had found my one true love. Time stopped with him. Six months later, halfway around the world on a romantic, tropical getaway I discovered he had a girlfriend of almost 4 years.

He hasn't left her, but I can't leave him because I love him too much. It's pathetic and I hate to keep loving him, but I know I'll never find a feeling like this with anyone ever …

The phone had been ringing at all hours of the day—morning, noon, night, four a.m. At first, the other end would hang up. The Caller ID was blocked but I had a feeling it was she, the one I used to love, and still love; the one that is not here with me and said she loved me too.
Next, the caller didn’t hang up but stayed on the phone and was silent.
Speak up, I said.
I could hear background noise—car horns, cars driving by; …

“I’m so wound up,” she says, “I’m so angry,” she says, “I’m so pissed off—I just want to hit someone right now,” she says.
We are sitting at the bar counter in an Italian restaurant, eating pizza slices and drinking beer.
I ask, “Who do you want to hit?”
I lean away from her.
“Let’s hope it’s not you,” she says. She shows me that grin to let me know she is joking.
You know: ha-ha, hardy-ho-he.
Wwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I think.
“If it would make you feel better,” I say, …
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