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Let's take things back to the halls of junior high. You know the scene: mirrors in lockers, LLBean backpacks, and not a child over 5 foot. As children, we had trouble passing eachother in the halls, so the gods of the office marked our paths with colored tapes, to remind us what voice volume was appropriate. Crossing those lines were the worst of our worries.
Love. Dating. Relationships. At twelve years old, we thought we were ready for them, yet most of us couldn't even spell them on our weekly spelling tests. To "go out" with someone meant that Read more

I sat on the grass in the summer, wondering how this could be happening. Again. And wondering why I thought being outside in the sun would make this easier. While he focused on looking at anything but me, I landed on this: this break up will be different because we never sit in the grass.

"You have to choose," I said. "You can either treat me right or it's over."

He looked at my eyes. Held my gaze. I didn't back down. This is what strong girls do, right?

But if I'm so strong, Read more

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